Bigfoot video steadied for the credulous

Cool little gif:

When ever i see a gif i need to concentrate on these days i keep expecting some kind of screaming zombie face to pop up, ive been caught out too many times.

However, this one indeed seemed to be a good version of that guy in a gorilla suit footage.

God damn that would make a very annoying sig.

That’s cool and all…

…but that famous, now infamous Bigfoot video shot by Roger Patterson has been revealed as a hoax by the guy who donned the costume that afternoon.

The always-interesting Skeptical Inquirer has the details:

The making of bigfoot goes into great detail. The whole thing was a big lie that a lot of people were involved it. Even the time it was filmed and developed was impssible.

Along similar lines, here’s a stabilized version of the Zapruder film.

Direct link to .mov file

Back and to the left… Back and to the left…

I’ve lost track of what is supposed to be suggested by the “back and to the left” after hearing so many theories. He’s pretty clearly shot from the rear, does that support Oswald, the CIA, or what?


Thus the “for the credulous” suffix. I doubt many here are sasquatchophiles.


This refers to the movement of the “magic bullet,” doesn’t it?

The head motion actually.

In the Stone movie, Garrison repeats this “back and to the left” to argue that this motion means Kennedy was shot from the front and not the back.


True Sasquatch documentary.

“It smells like Bigfoot’s dick in here!”

I never understood why that video convinced anyone to begin with. It looks for all the world like a guy in an ape suit. The stabilization makes it even more obvious.

That’s what I thought, and that’s just dumb. I slept through most of that movie, how do they explain the front of his head exploding? Not something that bullets do on entry, dontchaknow?


Except magic bullets!

On a limited basis Garrison’s theory makes sense, you get shot from the front, you go back, and vice versa… except that muscle spasms and whatnot can cause your body to do all sorts of things when you get struck by a bullet, not to mention one that goes through your brain. For some reason he never quite understood or believed that - focusing on the reflex motion (I forget the scientific name for it).

Reading his book it was more and more clear that Garrison became more and more of a nutcase.

— Alan

The revelation makes me think back to those Bigfoot thremed episodes of the Six Million Dollar Man. Didn’t he find Bigfoot but decided not to reveal his findings to the world because he wanted to protect the creature? It’s been a long long time so I can’t remember.

Yes, he found Bigfoot, who turned out to be a robot created by peace-loving extraterrestrials to protect their exploration ship, which was parked in the middle of the Sierras.

And then on the Venture Brothers they got married.

Harry and the Hendersons was a great little flick.