Bill G, Single

Aw, man. That sucks. All the best to both of them.

I’ve also been married for 27 years, so this hits home a bit. That would break me.

If I recall correctly there was no pre-nup?

Also, if Bezos and Seattle Billionaire Divorce is any example, Melinda is about to become a Top 5 richest woman in the world.

Wonder how they deal with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?

I feel like saying something snarky about patriarchy since the thread wasn’t titled “Melinda G, Single”.

You come here, to this forum, with this headline, and you post nothing from Tiger Beat?

Right after John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight yesterday exposed Melinda Gates tacitly admitting to there not being microchips in vaccines…YET. Very sus.

I hold Melinda Gates responsible for Microsoft Bob but MacKenzie Scott can still get it. Rowr.

I think there is a lot more leeway in joking about a single man than there is in joking about a single woman - and about Bill Gates specifically, as opposed to Melinda - that it justifies the distinction. ;)

That’s too bad :(

Yeah Melinda has been his spouse and partner, for sure, but for better or worse Bill has largely been the face of the foundation.

Whether Melindas role was less public was by design, or desire, I don’t know. That said generally speaking if one of the people in a couple is the more public figure, then you usually see that as the focal point. Whether this should be is a separate discussion.

It was not a serious complaint so waste no further thought or pixels on it.

But what if I want to…? ;)

Look, if it was a crime to take unserious things too seriously and spend inordinate amounts of thought to analyze them?

Then our forum would simply be the prison yard.

BRB, gotta set up a Grindr profile. You know, for a friend.

Good idea, I wonder what Bill’s into.

‘I already have a Window into your world, how about a window into mine’
‘It seems like you are looking for companionship, let Clippy help you with that’
‘The Windows user agreement stipulates you must swipe right’
‘Lets face it, I’m rich’
‘An Apple a day will keep me away’
‘I’m Bill Fucking Gates’

BtW MacKenzie Scott has already remarried and given her billions away to charity, good on her.

I guess the tracking devices in the vaccines were a deal-breaker for her.

They will both remain on the board of directors.

Does this mean Melinda gets half of my nanobots?

I am so confuse.