Bill Roper interview

You’d be better off asking people to just leave you alone and mind they’re fucking business. It’s a more reasonable request than begging the world to respect videogaming just because you like it.

You miss the point. I’d settle for Steve Bauman actually telling women what he does for a living. Or Tom Chick.

I hate the MMORPGs, but obviously they turn the crank for lots of people

Turning the crank for a tiny audience of 400,000 hardcore addicts isn’t quite the same as doing it for billions of people worldwide. For a small sample set, see numbers.

Right. And what would those numbers be if those people had to pay $13 a month to play those games? [Edit] Just as a point of reference, how are those fee-based networks that host card and boardgames doing these days? I mean MPlayer, TEN, etc.? For shooters, how’s DWANGO doing?

By this logic, just about all of the games we play are failures – shooters, sims, strategy games, etc. How many of those reach Yahoo Games numbers? Those developers are failures!

Massively multiplayer games are one of the few things that Internet users are willing to pay for.

Do I? Does “the point” explain why should I care about what Steve or Tom Chick say to women? (I thought that Bauman column had an amusing self-deprecating humor to it actually.)

I’d settle for Steve Bauman actually telling women what he does for a living. Or Tom Chick.

Steve Bauman has already told me what he does for a living.


Because you’re a woman, or because you’re a nurse?

Heh heh – good one, wumpus, calling Tom Chick a woman or a nurse. That’s funny stuff!

Do you get your zingers from old comedy shows you record with Tivo, or do you buy them from via micropayments?

Boy oh boy do I agree. Look, my wife is a “casual” gamer, meaning she’ll play the occassional game of Shanghai when she wants to kill time. She’s even bought an adventure game or two, but gaming is not a big consideration for her. She’d rather read a book, or go to a movie, or pet the cats. All of which is fine; I’m just greatful she tolerates my gaming.

But she isn’t going to play an MMOG 20 hours a week, or 10 hours a week, or even 5 hours a week most likely. And given that, she doesn’t have any interest in paying $10 a month or more, either.

It will be interesting to see where these games go in the next few years. I suspect the developers are kidding themselves about how many of us are really willing to pay for this; I think it’s a niche phenomenon, like most hard-core gaming activities.