Bill & Ted 3?

Is this really them? It doesn’t really look like Keanu Reeves nor sound like him… does it?

Well that certainly looks like Alex Winter. He could probably use the gig more than Keanu.

Excellent ! /Plays air guitar

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Dentures.

No, obviously those are the evil robot Alex & Keanu. Station!

I’m serious, is that really Keanu Reeves? It just doesn’t sound like him at all.

Alex Winter has been pretty successful behind the camera. Sir.

My reply on Twitter, but the follow up reply is my actual favorite I’ve seen.

Bogus Journey was the first movie I ever walked out of. It was so bad that it drove my band of high schoolers out of the theater.

Yes that’s really Keanu.

I dunno, I thought challenging Death to a game of Twister was pretty inspired.

I think it sounds like him. Alex’s voice sure has dropped in the last 30 years, though!

That couldn’t have pleased me more.

What most astonished me about that trailer was seeing the Orion Pictures logo at the front of it.

I wonder how they are going to explain telephone booths for younger audience members. Remember when they were so ubiquitous that Clark Kent could just change into his Superman costume wherever he wanted?

That’s a good point about Superman. I hadn’t thought about that. I wonder where he would change now, if the comic were done today?

Inside his cell phone, of course.

If they took cues from Marvel it’d just be magical nanotech (you have to repeat that like sixteen more times) woo-woo vanish and appear clothes.

Leading with the Orion label … nice.

Wait a few years and he’ll be getting into a robo-Uber. Right now, he can just take off his hazmat.