Bin Laden's brother-in-law killed -- Another Al-Qaida No 3. Bites It

Looks like the Predators got him. Al-Qaida announced his death, and US sources say it was a drone.

Isn’t Al-Qaida No 3 the most dangerous job in the world?

They do seem to be sinking most of their effort in protecting No. 1 and No. 2.

Man, that must really hurt one’s sense of honor to get jacked by a machine.

How so? Yeah man, what a loser all those people killed in Nagasaki were. They should have just punched it.

Edit: Oh, now I see what you’re going for, some kind of honorable fighter where the best person wins by using their wits and physical abilities. Something like that at least, but I don’t really think it’s applicable to asymmetrical warfare. When they plotted to have planes flown into key US targets, they weren’t throwing down a white glove.

Al-Queda’s number 3 getting killed can’t be news anymore, can it?

Apparently this time the #3 really was a critical leader. It appears from a lot of news reports from around the world that al-Yazid was one of the founders of Al-Qaida and key to the integration of that organization with the Taliban. He was in charge of Afghanistan operations, leaving Bin-Ladin and his #2 free to run things elsewhere. He was also the guy who managed the financing, via secret bank accounts, of the 9/11 attacks.

Who is #2 then?

Does a Mercenaries-like deck of cards exist somewhere.

I’d have retired the number at this point.

Egyptian-born Ayman al-Zawahri.

I want to see what Bin Ladens wives look like. He must have all the hottest Jihadi bitches available.

I was about to make a Miss USA joke, but that is just racist and in bad taste.

It was poor word choice to say “machine.” Even a AR-15 counts as a machine, or a missile launched from a battleship by the push of a button.

Maybe it’s just the “newness” of it, but getting destroyed by a drone plane that is being piloted by some guy that’s a hundred miles away by an empire that’s sending these things out by the thousands to hunt and kill you… I dunno, kinda got a “that’s a pretty shitty way to die” feel to it.

Taking down an American helicopter gives a pretty sweet morale boost to them, because hey at least they got some American pigdogs. But a drone? How do you deal with something that comes off a production line and yet can kill your top men with the push of a button?

There is an Austin Powers “Who does number 2 work for?” joke in here somewhere. I’m glad they got the guy though.

That would be telling.

Be seeing you.

Co-founder of AQ and he just now works his way up to 3? Or was he 2A and graciously moved down to avoid any issues? They managed to kill someone, so they label him #3. Looks good on paper.

We used to kill #2 about once a month. I think he’s Kenny.

I love how they sum up the resume of the folks they take out:

  • Participated on a team to cut costs for future high rise fly-ins.
  • Self supported, organized, and instructed 30 guys who traveled around all over the place in a crazy logistical nightmare.
  • Formed a project management team toward streamlining recruitment in COOP (countries outside of Pakistan.)
  • Obtained certification for new bomb making techniques with no work related injuries in 3 successive quarters.
  • Successfully oversaw four engagements resulting in our competitors loss of XX lives and YYY,YYY dollars of equipment.

And I’m really a people person.

One day Bin Laden will be an old man trying to talk to someone at a diner.

You made me spit my grapefruit juice! LOLOL!