BIOS feature question

I was looking in my BIOS last night, and I found a thing there that interests me, … it has this in it.


underwhich it has the values

Default … [X]
100/33/-.5… [X]
100/33/.25… [X]
100/33/.5 … [X]
95/31/OFF … [X]
102/31/OFF… [X]

goes on with more values until

155/39/OFF… [X]
160/40/OFF… [X]
166/42/OFF… [X]

does this mean that if I set it to … uh … 100/33/OFF that the clock speed is 100 the PCI clock speed is 33 and the spread is “off” … now what is “spread”? (and what should I set this too, is it safe etc…

just so you know I have an AMD Athlon 1600+ , the chipset (according to WCPUID) is a VIA apollo KT133. I only have the standard heatsink and fan that come with the CPU when I bought it.

Also, In WCPUID it says that I have support for fast writes and side band addressing, but says they are disabled, I can’t find them in my BIOS, and does it really matter?

Any info useful, so thanks in advance.

I googled this in about 2 minutes, and that’s only because I’m slowed down running CPU Stability Test. The first two numbers are speeds and the third is this Spread Spectrum setting:

w00t , thanks…