BIOS ROM error

My nice expensive computer went futz yesterday.
When it posts, if it even does, it get 4 long, very sad sounding, bleeps.
Then I get an error message “BIOS ROM error”.

What does that mean? Is my baby in dire need of fixing, or does it need a new CMOS battery?

My fear is the mobo is done. Those PCI-express boards ain’t cheap.

Enter the BIOS and save settings. If that fails, try replacing the battery.
If that fails, hopefully you’re still under warranty.

(Were there four beeps, or one, one then four?)

Check the seating of the CPU and RAM chips.
I thought a “4” was a CPU error and “3” was a RAM error.
Then again, I’m getting old and my memory isn’t what it used to be…

You probably wouldn’t get shit if your mobo was dead, you’d get those long beeps but no love on screen. It coul dbe your CMOS battery, or you may have to clear your CMOS jumper and restore the factory-set BIOS settings. Check yer mobo manual for where the jumper is and how to clear it.

Yep, what Bill said… at the same time you might as well pull out your memory and video card and re-seat them. Then blow out all the dust with compressed air and hold a vacuum nozzle nearby to suck up all that airborne dust.

Good luck.

Thanks for all the advice guys, it’s been very helpful.

I took my comp to a local computer shop for a look at.

BIOS chip is toast.

The staff there are complete hadware tech nerds, and thier quite proud of the fact.

They’re going to tear it down and check the mobo out to see if the can replace the chip or if it’s a whole mobo replace.

The price for them to repair it, even with a new mobo, will be less than the original company that built will charge plus shipping.

So, my baby will be fixed pretty soon.

Thanks again for all you responses, they were very helpful.