BIOS setting question--PCI vs PEG

According to my motherboard manual (EP45-UD3R), under Advanced BIOS Features there’s a setting called Init Display First that “Specifies the first initiation of the monitor display from the installed PCI graphics card or the PCI Express graphics card.” The choices are respectively PCI vs PEG.

My question is, in a modern system like this, why wouldn’t this be set to PEG by default (instead of PCI)? Is the PCI choice there for things like running the odd DOS utility from a floppy or CD or something? Is there any reason for me not to set this to PEG?

The setting only really matters when you’ve got two video cards, one of which is PCI. If you don’t, then it’s irrelevant.

It’s hard to say if one default is really better than another, since it depends on what the cards are being used for, which is likely highly specialized. E.g., if you’ve got one PCI card driving a little LCD monitor and a PCI-E card driving a large advertising display, you’d want to make sure the PCI card is the one that initializes first so that all the boot messages and such don’t go to the big display.

OK, since I haven’t got anything that esoteric going on, I should be able to set it to PEG unless I’m running a legacy OS, right? Or does it not matter at all in a normal situation like “home desktop with PCIE x16 graphics card and one monitor”?

It you only have one card it does nothing.

Thanks for the replies, gentlemen.