BioShock 2 announce

BioShock 2 was officially announced today as being in development.

2K Games said today that BioShock 2, the sequel to the wholly owned and internally developed title, is being developed by 2K Marin and is planned for release in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2009. The critically acclaimed BioShock title has sold over 2 million units worldwide since its launch in August.

Apparently Ken Levine will still be involved but understandably to a lesser extent than with the first game since 2K Boston and Australia are working on the unrevealed project(s).


Not surprising but nonetheless awesome news. Loved Bioshock and can’t wait to get back to Rapture.

Maybe this time they’ll leave out the fake french accents. ;-)

I have to say I’m looking forward to the unrevealed projects a whole lot more…

Hmmm…I loved the setting, but the story was pretty self-contained. Much like Portal, Bioshock is a game that doesn’t really need a sequel.

But that could just be lack of imagination on my part.

2K Marin? Who? Ah, I see.

Mostly, I’m with MarchHare. A BioShock sequel? But what are you gonna do? If it makes money, it’s a franchise.


I’d be up for a spiritual sequel. Maybe they could do something in the future about a doomed expedition to a new planet using an untested FTL drive and find a megalomaniacal AI that… oh… hang on…

If they go back to Rapture, that’s just creative poverty. Someone here had the great idea of putting Bioshock 2 on the moon in the 50’s. Bioshock as a franchise should be about themes, not settings, enemies or characters.

Oh fuck yes.

GeoShock and AeroShock. Let’s do it.

Novato? Sheesh, I guess that’s still technically Bay Area but… man.


On the development timeline they’re talking about, I’d be surprised if a large part of the sequel wasn’t set in Rapture. I’d love to be proven wrong, though.

If it’s the quality of BioShock, it’ll be a grab, even though I’m still not an FPS player. As long as it has that wonderful “Easy” setting, I’ll be able to manage the game well enough to enjoy the atmosphere once again.

I’d like it to be a bit more on the creepy side, though.

I really, genuinely disliked Bioshock. There, I said it.

I’ll admit that the setting was neat and the entire premise had enough uniqueness in as far as story idea goes that I was keen on trying it. The actual execution wasn’t bad either really, I mean it’s a damned pretty game graphically, and the bad guys had a good sense of Scare the Shit Out of You™. Add to that the story which sort of unwrapped itself as you went along and there you have it… graphics, good story, nice execution etc etc. A total win, but for me it wasn’t. Somehow it just felt like another product designed to scare me, and not really accomplishing it. Yes, it startled me from time to time and I could see it trying of be scary, but it just somehow wasn’t.

I loved the narrative, style, and atmosphere as most people did. The FPS gameplay vs splicers was only adequate. I really don’t need a sequel.

Not to be a mindless Bioshock defender, but based wholly on your writeup and what you thought of Bioshock, I can only assume you are only capable of loving awful games.

Thread… slipping… away…

Say, what do you folks think about piracy and DRM?

(From the Gamasutra link)

Mafia sold 2 million copies? Wow, I thought it was one of those classic games no-one played.

Awesome game by the way.

Also “eh” about the Bioshock news. The story, while awesome, is also pretty self-contained. And part of the joy of Bioshock was discovering what happened. Now that we have our answers, I can’t see it being as engrossing.

Mafia sold 2 million copies? Wow, I thought it was one of those classic games no-one played.

Mafia sold pretty well in Europe, especially in Germany, its homemarket and other countries in Eastern Europe. Didn’t get hyped in the US, but received a nice amount of coverage over here.


No, I love a great deal of different games… some popular and some not. Bioshock was not one of them, despite my concerted attempts at enjoying it.