Bioshock activation woes

Sorry to start yet another Bioshock thread, but I thought this might keep my rant tidily partitioned from actual game-related talk:

I’m ready to strangle the person who designed the serial number generator for Bioshock’s activation code. It’s printed on the back of the manual in some Arial-like sans serif font, and there’s nothing to distinguish 0, O, I, and 1 from each other. As far as I can tell, I might have all four of these in my serial number. It’s a guessing game now, and the activation server has not accepted any of my guesses yet. ARGH!

In case it helps some other poor soul, this is posted on the 2K Games support page at

This let me narrow down the field of possibilities somewhat, and I have finally activated the game. Sheesh.

360 version has no activation code.


Don’t make me post a spoiler!

It also doesn’t have a mouse.

You know, just sayin’.

What goods a mouse when you aren’t playing?

A gamepad, huh. You call that “playing”? Fucking torture is what it is.

Steam version has no activation code either, but I won’t say NEENER because some people have been having problems with Steam downloading and/or activating.


Yes, I ran into this. I do agree that the people responsible should be dealt with harshly as an example for the others. In my version, there is a slight difference between the I and 1, but the zero looks for all the world like an ‘O’. Mine took several tries to get the secret combination.