Bioshock Attract Mode Narrator

Anyone know who is the narrator for the attract mode trailer in Bioshock? My wife thinks it is Shatner but I couldn’t find anything confirming that. I know Ken posts here from time to time so I was hoping he or someone else might have some insight.

Dunno who it actually is, since the Bioshock voice actors aren’t listed by part in the manual, but since Shatner’s not in there, it’s not him.


If that’s the trailer I’m thinking about, it’s narrated by Andrew Ryan who was portrayed by Armin Shimmerman, better known as Quark from Deep Space Nine and Principal Snyder on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Andrew Ryan is Quark?! How was I not informed?

This is like that dream I had where they made a sequel to Morrowind with Captain Picard in it.

Wow. Ryan sounds nothing like the Shimmerman I’m used to.

I had that dream too, but it was much weirder, since it included Boromir, Wonder Woman, and General Zod.

  • Alan

Was it a dream where you see yourself in sort of Sun God robes, on a pyramid, with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at you?

Best Harry Potter fanfic ever!

Good line.

Better line.

Liam Neeson played a polygamist in Krull.

There’s an attract mode narrator? Like in Dragon’s Lair when there is no one playing and it starts up? I’m very confused.

it plays a movie if you leave it at the title screen. Same as the TV spot.

Well, go figure. I would of thought I’d seen it, you know, like when I’ve came back from making a sandwich or something while it loaded. Thanks.

It’s a TCR (requirement) for all 360 games.

No. I’m the only one who has that dream…

Why would an attract reel be a requirement? I’m not doubting that its true, I’m doubting WHY!

So units in kiosks aren’t just sitting there at a menu all the time when nobody’s playing, I’d guess. People’s attention would be more attracted by some kind of activity, even if it’s just a cutscene.

So, the 1% of 360’s that sit in kisoks they make it a requirement for all?

Might also be to prevent image burn in.

It’s interesting, because the attract mode trailer in Bioshock clearly reflects an earlier point in development. It has almost nothing to do with how the game actually plays.