Bioshock - Big Daddy Strategies?

I’m in the opening of the game with just four plasmids. Electric Shock, Incinerate, Telekinesis, and Hypnotize. It seems, at least for now, my best options are relying on conventional firepower?

Electric shock is your best bet at stunning them long enough for either conventional attacks, or setting them up for telekinesis attack.

There’s a thread on this :)

To answer your question specifically, I recommend TK’ing gas canisters and shocking him a few times. Try not to use too many first aid kits, because he’s just gonna wallop the crap out of you anyway. Expect to make a few runs from a nearby Vita-Chamber. He won’t be hostile towards you when you return, but his health will be where you left it.

If you’ve got hypnotize, try hypnotizing another Big Daddy and then setting him up against the one guarding the Big Daddy you want to take down.

Am I the only one who refuses to use Vita-Chambers? If I die, I reload my game and try again. Respawning seems… wrong.

Nope. Every Big Daddy kill I’ve had has been “to-the-death”. Makes it a lot more interesting. There are times when you just aren’t really in a position to take them or know you could take them but cost you all yourmedkits and so you are forced to be more strategic about it and look for better options. Makes it a lot more interesting.

We were just having a conversation here about this. IMO, the death mechanic is a cop-out for people who just aren’t up to a hard game or for people who just literally run out of EVERYTHING and have little choice but to duke it out with a wrench. The latter case is pretty unlikely on medium but if it happened you’d really want a little help to let you finish the guy off.

It’s clear that the overall game is quite challenging. I think they wanted that but didn’t think that they could quite get away with it so they added an easy death penalty to bail people out who need it.

But it was labeled spoilers! Still trying to be a little careful not to get into plot details. Thanks though and the advice is appreciated. I haven’t done have enough with the Telekinesis.

Oh I like the sound of that, clever.


I really don’t’ like them at’ll and I wish at the least they were using the System Shock 2 method where you had to enable them individually. Do they explain why the other residents aren’t making use of the Vita Chambers?

blech, forget about big daddies. anybody got tips on houdini splicers? :(

Stick and move. Don’t stand still when they’re around. You can also TK their projectiles.

Electric buck == easy mode, at least on normal difficulty. Dodge around a corner to reload once, maybe twice, and it’s over.

The buck shot is one of my favorites to use, run up hit them once at close range, then again as you move away from them.

I did hit him with electric buck. twice at least. Also got a good lick on him with his napalm balloon. Is the first houdini you face like the first spider slicer you face? (over-inflated HP for game designer jollies) ??

Shock them and smash them in the face with the wrench.

Meant that as a Big Daddy strategy, actually.

The trick is to learn to predict where they’re about to show up; they’re just as fragile as any other splicer. I don’t remember the first one being tougher to kill, just tougher to hit because you need to learn how to fight him.

Oh, as I recall, they stay on fire even after disappearing. That could be useful.

It’s entirely possible that I need to bump back down to easy given that I’m a lefty and I have lousy hand-eye coordination.

Thanks for the tips, guys.

I have trouble aiming as well in bioshock, you might want to try shocking enemies and then aiming for a head shot . Also something I noticed last night with the machine gun, it’s alot easier to aim with it if you don’t hold down on the button or mouse, but just click faster then with other weapons.

One nice touch I love when fighting big daddies is if you set them on fire any way you have, the suit actually starts to erode.

Not a strategy for killing them, but the pistol actually becomes useful again for me once you get hypnotize 2. The Big Daddy won’t attack until either you get hit or attack someone, and the cheapest way to ‘tag’ an enemy is with the pistol

I’ve found freezing plasmid + explosive buck shotgun to be a pretty effective combo against big daddies. It also helps to lure them into an area where you’ve hacked a turret or two. The turrets don’t last long against them, but it buys you some time.

Define opening.
I’ve just moved to Neptune’s and I have Electric Shock, Incenerate and Telekinesis - but only two slots. Did I miss something?

There is a Gatherer’s Garden in that area that offers a plasmid slot upgrade for 100 adam. I believe you can purchase this twice, from that machine.

If you miss some areas of the medical pavilion because you didn’t have TK or Incinerate, I believe you can take the bathysphere back, after you’ve opened up more slots.