Bioshock demo now live!


More details: They just flipped it on for Xbox Live. Not sure about a PC demo.

Doesn’t sound like there going to be a pc demo. The trailer looked pretty sweet though.

nice work. downloading now.

No PC demo, no buy. Pigfuckers.

I’m not going to get angry about the demo, but if they announce that the downloadable content is 360 only, then I’m going to get pissed.

greeaat… my 360 picked the worst fucking time to break…

PC Demo is in the works for later this month or something like that.

Cool I guess, but I haven’t read more than a couple of previews and I’m certainly not playing a demo. I’m sold already. I’m looking forward to playing the full game…on my sweet, sweet, yet-to-explode 360.

Same. :( I was going to get it for the PC anyway, but it would have been nice to see the demo.

Don’t play the demo! Steer clear. For serious. Go log into WoW instead, or start a game of Civ IV, or take a cold shower. But whatever you do, do not play the Bioshock demo. It will just make the next week sheer torture!

You have been warned…


Downloading right now, despite Tom’s sensible warning. XBox Live is totally logjammed right now, as one might expect.

I haven’t bothered to listen to the Ken Levine interview at Major Nelson’s blog, and I’ve purposely stayed far, far away from trailers and screenshots to stay as virginal as possible…

Does anyone know if the demo is the opening section of the game, or does it take place deeper in the plot?

OK that does it. Downloading now.

Actually I was going to download it anyway, but Tom’s reveal of its immense appeal just sealed the deal. Fo’ real.

Live seems to be hammered right now. Or else it’s broken at my end. I can’t download anything.

Actually, I haven’t seen the demo, so I don’t know what’s in it. But I have played the first bit of the game, and I regret it. My life has been slightly miserable ever since.


The beginning is slightly different, according to GAF according to Levine. Ken said he hates replaying the level in a game when he already did so in a demo. How much that means they changed I have no clue. I doubt a warning about getting cancer from the demo would keep me away at this point.

Warning or not, I must play the demo. I’ve been waiting for this game since finishing System Shock 2 years ago. If they follow the SS2 model for the demo (like they’re doing for almost every other aspect of this game), the demo will be the beginning segment of the game.

I was hoping to play this tonight… Too bad it looks like that won’t be possible with how slow it’s going. That’ll make work insufferable tomorrow.

Yowzer it’s a slow download.

Yeah, Live must be getting hammered. I was hoping to play this tonight, but it doesn’t look like it’ll be happening.

Conspiracy theory time! Because Bioshock is a GfW title, perhaps any PC demo must also meet Microsoft’s licensing requirements which, judging from developer comments dealing with certification on the 360, are poorly documented and arbitrarily enforced. Giving MS the perfect pretense for failing certification of the PC demo in order to put its weight behind the 360 version.