Bioshock New Secret Achievement

So I was looking at my achievements on Xbox Live and noticed that a new secret achievement for the game has popped up mysteriously taking the game to 51 total achievements equalling 1100 points. My guess it might be the equivalent of the Little Sister Savior except for the ‘evil’ path – harvesting all the sisters instead of releasing them. The new secret is also worth 100 points.

Does anyone know what this secret achievement is?

I’m an achievement whore. And how!

It’s not much of a secret, it’s the “Beat the game on Hard without using a Vita-Chamber” achievement.

Ah, the GameFaqs people have no idea, which is where I was trying to find out. Thanks!

Color me SHOCKED.

I’m looking you? Fack no, you joke me!

I know this topic was a false alarm, since the achievement wasn’t really a secret to anyone who followed the news, but I discovered a true secret achievement the other day.

I downloaded the buccaneer pinball table for Pinball FX. It’s a free download, so why not? And I was playing the new table in the game, when i suddenly got an achievement! And the achievement was specific to the Buccaneer table. Which means the free download came with at least one achievement, maybe more, in addition to the 12 original achievements for the title.

Did I miss something? Since when are XBLA games allowed to have more than 200 points, and over 12 achievements? Or did they sneak this in under Microsoft’s radar somehow?