Bioshock: Rapture (2011 Book)

Just ordered this , should be here by the weekend. :)

Anyone else getting it?

Maybe. I’m a big fan of John Shirley. His seminal cyberpunk trilogy, Eclipse, is totally under-appreciated. I also vaguely remember suggesting he play the original Bioshock when it first came out.

The trilogy’s technically called “A Song Called Youth”, but nobody ever calls it that. And you’re right -it’s fantastic.

I snagged a hardcover edition from Amazon, it arrived today, I’ll let you folks know how it is sometime over the weekend! :)

My wife is reading this now. I have to wait until she’s done with it, but she likes it so far.

My free time this past weekend was scarce, I only got past the prologue :(

Is it illustrated at all, or could I safely settle for a Kindle download of it?

No pictures in the book.

And I am on chapter 3 , I like it.

Protip: Never use tin to fix a man’s toilet!

Just saw this today while at B&N, didn’t know about this book at all, but I picked it up. Haven’t had time to read it, but I’ll probably get into it tomorrow.

Sadly real life took over and I really wasn’t in a reading mood for awhile, but in the last 3 days I’ve had time to go through 60 pages. I hope to finish it this month as I have the first four Song of Fire and Ice books coming next week.

Reporting in, I am at the 65ish % mark or umm page 262 (chapter 13).

All the backroom deals going on that show just how events in BS 1 and BS 2 came to be , are really enjoyable to see fleshed out. Ryan made a lot of really bad choices in regards to people allowed into the city and laws / decisions that actually hurt the city in the years leading up to 1959.

And I am finished, a very good read if your a fan of Bioshock 1 and 2.

I am actually going to go back and give both games a play through this summer.

Anyone know if the novel is considered canon? It really flushed out some of the characters back stories, and gave a lot of information regarding all the stuff that happened leading to the civil war.

So @Telefrog did your wife like it? Did you read it? You’ve had 9 years!

I know @138 and @Gordon_Bleu both enjoyed the book, time to get this thread revived!

I just asked her and she barely remembers it.

She did remember that she thought it was okay. It gave some nice backstory on Rapture. Despite that, it was unnecessary in her opinion since the game was a complete story on its own.

I thought it expanded nicely on the consequences of the unfettered libertarianism that Ryan wanted.

Didn’t realize this was a thing. Grabbed a copy for my Kindle and I think I’ll start it tonight.

Speaking of video game books:

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