Bioshock: the RPG? Dreaming about it

As the title says, it’s just a proposition mine, an idea, a dream, not an announcement of a new game.

From the last 3 or 4 days, with the Bioshock Infinite launch and all the talk around it, I’ve been thinking about how everyone likes the worlds invented by Irrational, both Rapture and Columbia, how interesting, original, beautiful, and intriguing are, and how they get to weave some interesting themes in them, and with a real narrative… and then the game gets to start for reals, and it’s a FPS.
And I like FPS. Hell, I love FPS, from Doom to Half Life to Arma.

But I have to wonder if the kind of worlds and plots they make would be better suited in a another type of game, something where it’s natural to focus more in the world building, in the characters and the story, and less in advancing through a room and killing baddies. And I was thinking RPGs, because they are more “balanced”, they aren’t an adventure without combat, but they are allowed to have both combat, and also more peaceful moments where you explore, you talk, to trade, you do quests, you make choices etc. Imagine for a moment at least something like Deus Ex, with the city hubs where you can explore, do little side quests, talk to people, buy stuff, then you go to make a combat mission, or use stealth, and then come back to he hub, etc, but in Rapture or in Columbia.

In fact I was reading this morning some comments like “my so likes the aspect of the game and is intrigued by the characters, but she doesn’t like the shooting” which again reminded me this idea I had on my head this week. So, anyone with me?

I’m playing through the game right now and I keep wondering how awesome this game would be if it was a stealth game like Thief or Dishonored - the action parts are fun but I do feel like they clash with the setting and the world building portions a bit.

I polluted up the other thread enough with similar sentiments, but I’m on board. A stealth or Deus Ex type game would be great, sure toss in some mild RPG or at least character progression elements. Pick your own methods to get to the bottom of the mysteries whether its brute force or finesse.

Have to agree my sound bite review for bi is “awesome world and characters same old stale fps gameplay”. Really hoping various kickstarter successes get us more varied gameplay.