That is true. I forgot that your CGM preview for Swat stated that they were using frame buffer effects.

I guess this means System Shock fans will not go apeshit like the Fallout ones?

Where’s The Lost?

I’m worried were getting another cramped half assed XBOX port ala DX2/TDS… but then again Irrational hasn’t let me down yet… they can’t be too irrational by making a dual xbox/pc game… no way… it didn’t happen with FF or Vengeance or SWAT 4… so I see Bioforge being PC only… I know this is the right thing folks.


Have they said they’re doing an Xbox version? I think they’d be silly not to, but I also hope it’s developed for the PC first.

Has Irrational ever developed a console game or ported a PC game to a console?

The Lost was supposed to be a PS2 game. I’m wondering where it went as well. It sounded great.

The Lost was supposed to be a PS2 game. I’m wondering where it went as well. It sounded great.[/quote]

Damn, your right, I had forgotten all about that. I remember being pretty interested in this game way back.


Ah, I remember The Lost. They came by the office one day and demo’d it. It was early, but it looked pretty cool, and pretty creepy. Too bad.

You can still see art from The Lost at the top of Irrational’s website. Not that I really know a damn thing, but that tells me that it’s still in some sort of development.

The BioShock news makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside though.

Although talking about the Lost is like talking about the Fight Club, I can say there’s still life in the old girl.

Did you just call it Bioforge? That’s exactly the association that came to my head, too, when I read Bioshock.

That said, I felt a little let-down for about 30 milliseconds when I read about it not being System Shock 3. But it’s something Looking Glassy again, it’s by the same people, who must be the most talented game designers currently in business, and Bioshock seems to hold up extremely well just in its own right.
So now I’m gushing again. (I really should use that term more sparingly…)

At least two more years. Give me a tip on how to not go crazy during the wait. I remember waiting for MOO3 for years, holding my breath (metaphorically) all the time. Thank god the ending can’t be the same this time.

Oh, yes: And please for the love of all that’s right, don’t make it an XBox port.

With an 18 month lead time to ship, I can garuntee it won’t be Xbox. It’ll be xenon.

In 2 weeks bungee will be back to work. They won’t be using the XDK.

I’m incredibly excited too though I’m a bit worried that this announcement is way early. The “screenshots” shown are just concepts and they are just starting to talk to publishers so the announcement seems a bit premature.

Where’d you read this?

In his email inbox, I’m guessing :lol:

There’s no way Bungie’s next game would be on the current Xbox. The next one almost definitely launches at the end of 2005. Depending how they handled Halo 2 development, they might have even been working on something for the next system already.


That has to be one of the best game concepts i’ve ever seen; its nice to see someone give another shot at the DNA paradigm, the last time i remember that was even attempted was “Gene Wars” by bullfrog

it kills me that I can’t find the thread this originally pointed to…

what I’m really trying to find is chumpface’s original “we’re working on a spiritual successor to system shock 2” comment…

Apparently, Internet archive shows it was a link to “Ideal thread”

Which is a thread full of links to other things.