BioWare's New Franchise

Not much to say about it until we see the video, I guess.


That does not look like an RPG…quick, duck, incoming fanboi rage.


North African WW2 desert campaign?

I do hope that that image is misleading, because it looks for all the world like Yet Another Desert and/or Post-Apocalypse setting, which is aggressively boring at me.

Clearly, it’s a Mako combat game.

Does the fellow flying through the air have feet or hooves?

Not an inviting image so far as I’m concerned.

At least it looks kind of cartoony. Still very meh.

Could be a Road Warrior kind of game? Maybe the new Autoduel? Finally a fix to get me over I-76?

Somebody tell me what this is!

I would be surprised if there weren’t at least some token RPG elements for whatever this is since Bioware is supposed to be EA’s RPG label now.

Boots with debris behind one foot.

Burnout Crash competitor?

Don’t get your hopes up over this one. :(

Whatever it is, if it isn’t in an all-new engine I can’t see this being worth playing. The “driving” in the Mass Effect series was terrible, and both that game and Dragon Age series suffer from tiny maps.

Ugh, deserts are the new zombies.

I love Bioware games, so unless the announced game is way way outside of my usual interests, I’ll probably be at least interested if not totally excited about it. That said, that screenshot does absolutely nothing to stoke that interest. If it was anyone but Bioware (or Bethesda) I wouldn’t give it a second look.

“Sandstorm!” - You play international adventurer Evan Sand (voiced by actor Nathan Fillion) who is called in to investigate when a archaeology team deep in the North African desert radios in that they’ve found something strange then is not heard from again. What you discover will lead you on a globe-spanning adventure from the scorching heat of the Sahara to the crowded streets of Tokyo and dozens of other exotic locations. Exploit your contacts with mercenary and shadowy criminal underground organizations around the globe to stay alive while you get to the bottom of what could be the biggest discovery, or possibly cover-up, in the history of mankind. Will you use the information you uncover to do the right thing, or will you sell it to the highest bidder? The choice is yours, and multiple gameplay paths and endings are dependant on the choices you make. “Sandstorm!”, the next level in action RPGs, will be available spring of 2012!

OK, so I totally just made that up. I am curious what this new IP could be though. I sincerely hope it’s not a Rage/Fallout/Boderlands clone. An Autoduel type game might be fun, but I’m tired of shooting things in a post-apocalyptic world gone mad. (I know, sacrilege).

Aha! The one point of interest explained away. :(

Thanks though.

Looks like a “technical” got blown up by an IED. Hey, it’s a game about any number of disintegrating Middle Eastern/African countries!

We need more games in a alternate world where WW2 Germany conquered the whole africa, and still controls it in 2055.

I would totally play this.