Birmingham area gamers?

I live in Tuscaloosa. At least two of you live in Birmingham. Could Project Nerdy Mayhem expand to Alabama? Shoot Club-type events, maybe?

Well, there is Tyler and myself. He has a kid and I have a severe case of the lazies, so uh, it COULD work, but I can’t organize. I’d attend and the such, however, if you could pry me away from planetside.

good point, i’m probably too lazy to drive to Bham on a weekly basis. Is there any way you guys could rent a conference room in tuscaloosa within 4 blocks of my house and set up shop there?

If by conference room you mean set up a refrigerator box in an alley, sure!

If you can all come here, make it between 9 and 10pm, be incredibly quiet, and provide female “escorts”, I am there…or here I guess.

I hear Atlanta is close and GREAT for these things (hint hint hint). Dammit, IT capital of the SE and I’m allllll alone. That makes me a saaaaaad panda.

Dude, you guys have a Tyler.

You’re set.

I’m not against going to atlanta, lionel.

i’ll go to atlanta if mcmaster drives.

Atlanta here.

Anyone ever wonder why a high-tech place like Atlanta never created any gaming companies?

I’m in Huntsville, AL I’m willing to travel…gives me an excuse to buy that damn SFF Lan box I want

It’ll have to wait til after the wedding, but I’m game.

I’d be open to Birmingham now and then too. For myself, I own all of the consoles, own a home, and a pinball machine (Star Trek:TNG, which needs to be shopped in a bad way), and 3 dogs, but no real room to set up a lan area =/