Has anyone seen this? Was there a theatrical release? It stars Javier Bardem as some sort of underworld dude and the trailer I saw before Winter’s Bone looked great. I, frankly, cannot imagine that there is not a thread around here somewhere. Directed by the 21 Grams and Babel guy.


Frankly, anything with Chigurh in is worth seeing. (Except Eat, Pray, Love?)

I think it opens limited this weekend.

Saw it this afternoon and holy shit was it amazing. Bardem deserved every ounce of that Cannes award and his Oscar nom. The movie features Iñárritu’s signature pastiche style, where he interweaves various stories though this time it’s done a lot more subtly and Bardem’s story never ceases to be the central plot. It also features his signature dystopic view of … everything. It’s pretty fucking desolate, to be honest. Amazing, but desolate.

This film, Blue Valentine, & Another Year are a trifecta of films that cannot be properly described, only experienced.

Great. Now I don’t wanna see Another Year.

Don’t worry, it’s the most pleasant of the bunch.

Blue Valentine wrecked me emotionally for a few days, and Biutiful is still swimming in the back of my head, messing with me. If Another Year fucks me up too, I’m coming for you.

I thought Biutiful was a great film, and it almost goes without saying that Bardem gives another incredible performance, but it was so very, very difficult to watch.

I didn’t realize until the distant shot of the Gaudi cathedral that the movie was set in Barcelona. Obviously filmed in neighborhoods that tourists never see.

Damn. Now you guys have me nervous.

I didn’t recognize the cathedral, but I know they mention Barcelona once, in passing. Beyond that, yeah. No real mention.

This is now on Netflix Instant.

Will this movie depress me?


Hell yes.