Bizarre optical illusion (safe for work)

Are you guys clicking on the links at the bottom? I mean they explain the whole thing.

I have to agree - no matter how much of the screen I cover up, I can’t make the A and B squares the same color. I can tell the letter B is a slightly lighter shade than the letter A, but I can’t make my brain believe A and B are the same colors.

What am I missing?[/quote]

That’s because the illusion is so good you pretty much have to cover everything on your screen except for the inside of the 2 squares. Go ahead and grab some tape and paper and go to town. You can do it a lot faster in photoshop, but as I mentioned, it was so spooky I wasn’t totally convinced until I went low tech.

The link at the bottom of the page that says “proof”.

The effect is so astounding that even with the strips there, I see the color as getting lighter “under” the “shadow”.

That one actually was my desktop background once… for all of about a minute and a half.