Bizarre: Win XP overriding set virtual memory settings

I’ve never in my life seen this. I go into XP’s virtual memory settings and assign a swap file value of 512 Meg. Max and Min settings 512. I install some programs and run some applications and go to backup (ghost) my system and notice the image file is 2x bigger than it should be. I look at my c drive and see a 2 Gig (or 3 Gig sometimes) swapfile. I go back into virtual memory settings and confirm it’s still assigned as Custom Size Intital=512 Meg and Max=512 Meg. But at the bottom of the virtual memory settings page it shows:

Min allowed = 2 Meg
Recommended = 3 Gig
Current = 2 Gig

So despite having set parameters it’s gone and made it’s own larger swap file size anyways. Anyone ever heard of Win XP doing this?

No, but sounds reasonable to me. What would you rather have, a stealthily increased swapfile or an out-of-memory crash?

I just want to understand what’s occurring. I never saw this happen before this build… I’d run a 1 Gig swapfile for a year straight.

MS .net framework 2.0 couldn’t be involved in this, could it?

Certainly not, it’s just a passive library.

Did you reboot after changing your swap file size?

The way I understand it, Windows allocates that based on a programs request for memory space, and will only not increase the size if you remove the swap file completely. It uses your requested number as something to shoot for, but will expand it if it needs to.

I read some stuff that says the new Deny execution instructions use virtual memory to map the locations where the denials are supposed to happen, although I doubt that it creates a snapshot of your existing memory, it may.