Bizarro heatsinks

For some sick reason I have a fascination with the more oddball heatsink and fan units available in the world of PC cooling.

For example, the Aerocool DP102:

So what’s the strangest and most improbable HSF you guys have come across?

Does that thing actually work?

At first glance that thing looks like a large disc drive outside of its case. It looks like the metal plates don’t touch, or at least don’t touch over a large area.

God only knows. This review says it does:

Seem to be some issues, though.

I always thought the Zalman flower-style heatsinks looked pretty odd. The separate fan scares me, though I’ve seen people swear by them.

10 degress improvement on the Swiftech, wow. Not sure if that’s actually the second-best heat sink out there, though; you could probably get nearly-as-good results out of something less ludicrous.

I dunno… doesn’t look that efficient to me. Fins usually come right off the slug that sits on top of the CPU. In that sink, the heat has to travel through a lot of metal to reach the fins. Don’t get me wrong, I like (and have) big copper sinks. I just prefer something a little less bizarre:

The Cooler Master ACB-V83 JET 7. Looks like a turbojet engine :

I believe turbofan would be a more appropriate comparison. :p