Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Can’t sleep so I watched a bunch of recorded episodes of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmarn (and I’m terrified to look at the Ferret King thread I wrote last night).

At any rate, is it just me or is this guy way too obsessed with eating testicle’s and penis’s? He seems like a really neat and genuinely nice fellow, and I totally get eating Wok-fried bugs and such, but this stuff? Am I just not cultured enough or something?

I used to like his show but I think he’s gone too far into shock value territory now. I’m losing interest.

He’s insincere and mugs for the camera like a trained monkey, the exact opposite of Bourdain. I don’t particularly like him, but I do watch the show as it’s better than most other travel/food programming these days.

Eff all y’all. I love Andrew Zimmern.

What’s best is when he is given something and you can just tell right off the bat how much he hates it, cos he stops his mugging, stops his grinning and suddenly he’s got a look on his face like he just got out of the shit.

Usually, in the case of the infamous durian (which he’s tried twice) or the pile of rotting fat in Morocco (the only episode that managed to make me gag, and I’m honestly getting queasy just typing this up) he’s perfectly willing to say ‘oh Lord, oh God, this is bad’. But I remember not too long ago he went someplace in the US for this fish that isn’t found anywhere else. Shallow water fish tend to have a muddy flavor, but it was said that this fish’s muddy flavor was good. In this instance he was sharing a table with the woman who served him the fried fish plank and her family. When he bit into it and a gout of fish roe started spewing out of his bite, the look on his face was priceless. He kept eating and smiling and only admitted his fucking dreadful he thought it was when he was alone with the camera.

He was also brought to his knees in a recent episode by some incredibly foul fermented tofu that he got in a Taiwanese village.

I saw that episode, and yea I cannot fathom how people can eat that stuff without dying - and not in the figurative way. How can you eat rotten meat and rotten fat and not automatically get violently ill?

Will have to look for that one - is it a new episode?

Just make sure you know what the hell you’re doing if you order a Natto roll in some sushi place. Some is merely foul, but some is considerably worse than that.