BJ's - Do you like them?

The store I mean. It’s a wholesale club in the same vein as Costco and Sam’s Club. They have been popping up all over in Virginia now, and there is a new store opening in Richmond. I’ve never done the wholesale club thing, and I don’t know if it is worth it for a single student. I imagine I can buy a lifetime supply of cereal though. I like cereal.

It’s popular around here. Both the store and the other thing. I’m not sure why we need it, Costco and Sam’s Club though. The selections appear nearly identical.

Get someone who has a BJ’s card to take you. And yes, the very idea of a BJ card is kind of cool.

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They are ok, I perfer costco though. I have a largeish family so its totally worth it but since you are single, then I saw no, it’s not. You will end up over paying for bulk items that will spoil before you use it all.

We save a shitload on stuff from there, and they constantly send us coupon books for stuff we use on a regular basis.

We are members, but I have a family of 5. For a single student looking for a semester’s worth of cereal, just walk in and ask for a trial membership. They let you shop once, and you don’t have to pay the $45 annual membership fee. They also let you use coupons (unlike Costco), so you can bring some if you happen to have them.

I may be wrong, but in my experience prices didn’t seem particularly low. The savings would come if you are dilligent enough to shop only once a month which would require an extra freezer, discipline and some planning.

You can buy a lifetime supply of cereal at the supermarket. Wait for it to go on sale, bring coupons, and you might save more than you would at BJ’s.

I’ve been a member at Sam’s Club and BJ’s and found the BJ’s prices were significantly higher than Sam’s Club.

Costco has coupons; they send out a book full of them every couple months. Also, if you get the Executive Membership/American Express card deal, the annual cash back should more than cover the cost of the annual membership. I also found the BJs I’ve been to more expensive and lower quality in general, but that may just be indicative of the areas where I visited them (dirty, old part of VA Beach, VA, and Orlando FL).

Also, one of the best parts of Costco is the return policy. Does BJs or Sam’s have anything similar? (I honestly don’t know) I’ve gotten 2 free replacements for my XBox 360 when it’s died from buying at Costco; my wife’s 19" 4:3 Princeton monitor broke, and when she returned it, they gave her the money she originally paid for it, which was enought to buy a 21" Samsung 16:9 monitor with about $40 left over.

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Costco ftw.

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We have Tesco here. It’s about the same thing. It’s not worth it unless you plan to eat (insert X food product) for half a year or something.

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