Black Christmas

Ok, I was dumb enough to go to this movie. Hey, it had some of the creators of Final Destination working on it, a horror series that I loved, and I was in the mood for a popcorn flick horror movie.

Unfortunately, Black Christmas is not a good bad horror movie. It is merely a retarded bad horror movie. There is not nearly enough nudity or camp to make up for the sheer awfulness of it, unless you really, really, really like incest and cannibalism. Which, for the record, I do not.

Do you get to see Lacey Chabert’s boobies?

was it in any way following the original or did they just name grab?

Never saw the original, though it focused a lot on the backstory of the killer, so maybe that stuff was in the original?

Of the many attractive sorority girls, you see very, very few unclothed. Unless you count being nothing but a severed head as unclothed.

Answer the question!

Close enough for me!

Makes you wonder why they call it decapitated when really it should be decloked or debottomed or something.