Black Company is live in Gears Pop on iOS

Hey all. Gears Pop launched today. If you dig Clash royale and or gears of war send an invite to join us once you hit level 2!

Lmao Grapeseed lost his name because Grape has the word rape in it

What about Hugh Jass? Was he able to keep his name?

The trailer says Xbox, but I’m not seeing this in the Xbox store anywhere. Is this just a PC & Android game?

It’s there but I had to get to it in a roundabout way.

I saw that Major Nelson had an achievement, clicked on that, went to Community Hub from there, then clicked ‘View in Sore’ and landed on the store page to click ‘Get’ and download it.

So a major win for accessibility and inclusivity design in the UI.

I couldn’t find it listed in the store or by searching for it.

That worked, thanks!

Oh… wait… Now it’s telling me the game in the Xbox store doesn’t function on the Xbox. It says it’s only available on PC, and although I now own it, it won’t install on this device. Cool.

Well, thanks for trying. Hah.

It’s a mobile game (iOS, Android) that also available on PC through the Win 10 store.

I downloaded this game on my tablet. Was forced to play through the tutorial in fucking portrait mode. Was forced to link my account in fucking portrait mode. Was forced to exit the game and try again because the login servers are shitting all over themselves (in portrait mode), only to finally make it to the settings menu so I could turn off fucking portrait mode… and then find out that the game doesn’t support landscape mode.


No big loss since I got to experience this stupid nonsense for free. No harm no foul.

I might try the game again when the dev team gets their fucking shit together, as long as it isn’t expensive or impossible to come into the game later than everybody else and still be able to build a competitive deck.

Had no issues here, neither on iOS nor WIndows 10. /shrug

So, what crew should one join?

Hmmm, I could’ve sworn it started downloading, but maybe it just pushed the download to my PC?

Black Company has tons of room

I’m not finding any Black Company when I search for a crew.

Me neither.

Been seeing this more and more in the last year or so—games that are on pc or consoles but don’t support landscape on iOS. Probably why I’m doing more streaming to the iPad than playing native iOS games lately. Looking forward to better controller support in ios13.

@Kadath Does Black Company exist as a crew or is it called something else in-game?

I can create a crew if people are still interested. Personally, I’d love to try out the horde mode.

I haven’t played in weeks. Can give leadership to someone if you want.

Confirm it is still up and running tho. A few of us there.

Is it private? Because it doesn’t show up in search.