Black equals good

Black is best (as a color, I mean).

I prefer Blue. (I reserve Purple for my Halloween Pimp Suit, beeyatches!)

Is black a color, or the absence of color?

I remember getting arguing with a teacher about this when I was a kid.

Teacher: White consists of all colors, and black is the absence of color.

Me: So how come when I mix all the colors together I get black, but when I don’t add any colors at all the paper stays white?

Yep, I was causing trouble even back then…

I prefer royal crimson, myself.

I like red so I must be a communist. (Just to bring some politics into this thread).

Are we talking additive or subtractive colors here?

  • Alan

See, I knew no one would agree with me.

Yah know, I bet no one else has the same favorite food as you, either. Yah know … being different and all …

I like black. Not sure if it’s a color though.

Obligatory Straight Dope link.