Black Friday 2022 tech deals

Please add anything else I missed.

ProtonMail: 40% off

Mozilla VPN: 20% off


Carbonite backup: up to 60% off

Pluralsight training: 50% off yearly plans

Parallels: 25% off including upgrades

VMware Fusion and Workstation Professional: 30% off new licenses not upgrades

AdGuard VPN: 67-85% off subscriptions

NameCheap domain name registration and hosting

From Black Friday through to Cyber Monday (that’s 11/25 at midnight PT through 11/28 at 11:59 PT), Backblaze is offering 20% off with promo code BLAZEON22

Thank you for starting this.

If its’ not too much trouble, I’m looking for a Portable Powerbank for my brother. He travels a lot for work but also lives in Florida, so I’m trying to get the largest Powerbank that he can reasonably put in carrying on.

I found this (comes with a 24-dollar coupon on top of the listed price) but sadly, it’s too big.

My goal is something around 50 dollars, that won’t either stop working after a month, actually charges nearly 20,000 mAh, or won’t expand to epic proportions. Right now, most of the deals seem to have one of those 3 problems. And the ones that don’t are usually over the 60 or so dollar limit I’ve set for myself.

I usually look at Anker for stuff like that. Would this work – the white one is on sale:

We really like this one, and bought several to keep around the house so one is always ready to go.

Looks like it’s only 10% off online which would put it over your price limit. We got ours at Costco where they were two for ~$80. Maybe check the roadshow schedule here for wherever you live:

Sadly, we only have a Sam’s Club nearby, so we have Sam’s club Membership

But I think the Anchor Charger is probably the best bet. They have a good track record.

Thanks @Freezer-TPF and @Thraeg .

Anchor Hocking make the best glass battery packs.

(53) Cheap Laptops Right Now - YouTube

I’m looking at a cheapish laptop for my 8-year-old to use during the summer, and maybe play some Lego games or some of those Nintendo Racing knock-offs.

And also, something I can steal when going on trips to play whatever old-school strategy game I have.

$300 , grabbing it as a spare work screen for glorious EXCEL at 4K. (2 worksheets stacked open REALLY wide). Also some tv viewing , but mostly it will be a work TV.

Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers with Powerful Down-Firing Subwoofer and Far-Field Drivers, Up to 8W RMS Total Power for Computer PCs and Laptops (Black)

Needed some new 2.1 speakers for my desktop and this seems like a side grade from my 10 year old Logitechs. They will take up less work.

Oh, and for people with Kids, Sam’s Club has an awesome Nugget Knock Odd call an Adventure Couch. We got one last year, but my kids want a second one.

30% off Keychron keyboards with BLACKFRIDAY30 code

X-Arcade arcade sticks 25% off for black friday

25% off LastPass

That’s a steal. I could only get the R6G (non QLED) one at 58" for $397 CAD at Costco last night at pre-BF. The 50" was 347 CAD.

Well, I bought 2 years of BackBlaze at $110 CAD.

What’s a BackBlaze? Virus software or something?

Cloud backup if you would read the original deals post. They provide helpful blog posts every year on drive reliability.

I would rather support them than Carbonite which was supported by Rush Limbaugh

I bought those sans subwoofer for my parents earlier this year. Didn’t test them extensively, but they sounded good for the price.

That’s weird. I didn’t know they were sold with a sub as they don’t appear to be configured that way at all in Canada. Sad to see the Cambridge Soundworks line Creaive acquired look like a shadow of its former self.

40% off! If only I had $900 sitting around that I could blow on that plus another $2k for the 4090 to drive it without getting killed by my wife. :)

I am having a tough time between the Best Buy 2021 IdeaPad gaming 3 and the Amazon 2022 Ideapad Gaming 3.

I think the Best Buy one is best, but I save 25 dollars with the Amazon Credit Card (5% cash back).

$25 ain’t worth the tradeoff for an AMD GPU over a 3050 Ti.

Got it!

I just needed someone to give me a push.

Something to note, the reviews say the 2022 has a brighter screen, but I plan to use it some of the time, plugged into a TV for Sonic Racing.