Black Friday is a whole goddamn season now-wallet battle damage thread

I picked up The Outer Worlds for the Switch for only 14.99 Cdn Buckaroos. I know it’s definitely the inferior version, but i don’t have another console to play it on.

I bought two of those a few hours ago for $40 each under a giant “Shop our Black Friday prices early!” banner.

Woah, I had thought those were pre-owned cartridge prices. But I selected Nintendo digital, and that’s the same price. (!!!). So er… anyone know which of those is worth getting? I don’t really like 2D Mario games. Never have, but at that price maybe I should give it one more try. I already have Zelda. Maybe Kirby and Paper Mario too? Maybe Astral Chain as well?

EDIT: Oh I see, only three of them are that price for the digital code: 2D Mario, Kirby and Astral Chain.

EDIT2: Huh, every time I click on “eligible products” for the digital codes sale, I get a different set of games. So maybe all these digital codes are on sale after all? Zelda is only $25 for the digital code, for instance; even cheaper than the used cart.

EDIT3: Okay, I ended up with 2D Mario, Kirby and Astral Chain. $81.

I think my buddy with a new switch bought 5 games at $26 each.

Have you heard of Directory Opus, that excellent Windows Explorer replacement utility? They have a Black Friday sale - use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY21 before November 30th, 2021 for 25% off. There are some learning curve but once you have use Opus, your windows file management system will never be the same!

Is this for all Black Friday deals, or just game deals?

Welp, just signed up for Hulu again. :D

They do that deal every year, I just can’t do it. I’d rather watch Ad-free Hulu twice a year for $26, than pay $12 for a year of Hulu with ads.

I am fine with ads, I space out at those times. :)

Amazon has a bunch of stations for $.99 cents a month for 2 months.

Big ones to pick from:

I wonder if you have to subscribe to Prime Video as well?

I haven’t bought any other video games but I bought a pile of Milwaukee Tools at Home Depot

Nice. Wish I could get my hands on those awesome tools but they don’t ship outside the US. What did ya get?

M18 Fuel drill and driver combo with “free” fuel jigsaw, m12 fuel circular saw and ripsaw. Couldn’t decide one system or other so a little of both

55’ TV + steamlink + motorized bed platform for tilt up. Gaming chairs, pfffft, gaming bed is the way.

Didn’t they stop selling steam links?

Have you considered installing an in-bed pooper? That way you can poop without having to scoot.

They did but I managed to find one, we’ll see if it actually works or was a scam lol.

If you have issues I suggest using a Nvidia Shield TV. It tends to work a bit better. Even if you don’t run a Nvidia GPU you can still stream PC games to a ShieldTV using Moonlight.

I ended up with an Xbox Series X thanks to the All Access program. I picked it up at Best Buy last Wednesday then loaded up on some games that were on sale: Far Cry 6, Diablo 2. The series X is fantastic in 120 hz on an OLED.

Warning about Shield TV, if you have two monitors you are going to have a frustrating time. You can’t pick which monitor the shield TV loads the game from. This meant about half the time the Shield would load games on my primary monitor but render the secondary to the Shield TV. To fix this I had to unplug one of my monitors and replug it in until the ordering kinda fixed itself, but the next time I rebooted it would be borked again. I returned my shield tv due to this, as it was worthless as a streaming device for me.

Granted, the steam link was also broken, in that it would render at native 1440p (even though it downscaled the video to 1080p over the network), but it would restrict mouse movements to 1080p. That meant I literally couldn’t click on UI elements in a bunch of games.

I ended up just using a very long HDMI cable, though my gaming TV is in the same room as my PC.