Black Friday Sales? Formerly the movie Black Sunday Sales

Any good stuff this year?

Man I was smoking some serious crack
Black Sunday was a movie about a bomb going off during a football game.

Is this anything like Black Friday?

Or Grey Saturday?

What about Blue Monday?

Ruby Tuesday?


So Happy It’s Thursday?

  • Alan

WTF about Wednesday?

Fat Tuesday?

Happy Mondays?

Whip 'em Out Wednesday?

Hispanic Thursdays!

Thats Hump Day!

Saturday night’s all right for fightin’.


I’ll probably check out Fry’s again. I had good success with that last year. Picked up some really nice stuff and they were ready for the crush with 100+ cashiers ready and waiting.

Why is it Black Sunday? I thought the big day was the very next day after Thanksgiving, the Friday.

BTW what it really means is avoid the malls after noon and all Wal-Marts before 10PM.

Yeah, Friday after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year. Many retailers open up at like 6 am with early bird specials. Wasn’t there a $50 DVD player that caused people to stampeed last year?

I might hit some of the major retailers this weekend, as I’m usually getting antsy sitting around my parents’ house at that point and want to just get out. But not first thing Friday morning.

Someone must be thinking about the book and movie, when they really mean the shopping day.

It’s big, but not the biggest:

A nerd stampeed. Somehow, that just doesn’t sound all that daunting.