Black Isle going console?

I don’t remember seeing anything official or not about BIS changing directions on devlopment but I saw this at VE3D.

"Black Isle Games is looking for a console programmer to work on Playstation 2 games. For any of you who wonder what game programming would be like, here’s a list of their minimum requirements: "

So are they dumping the PC to try and help Interplay stay afloat?

They’ve already done Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance, hiring a console programmer hardly suggests they’re abandoning the PC unless there’s more to this quote that I’m missing without proper context.

After that star wars crpg I dont think theres anything planned for the pc… at least I havent seen anything on the web. Kinda sucks. I think they can make the best crpg ever if the ditched DnD… imo.


After that star wars crpg I dont think theres anything planned for the pc

You do realize that’s not Black Isle, right? That’s Bioware, who worked with Black Isle on some of the Infinity engine games, but they’re totally separate now.

“They’ve already done Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance,”

I’m pretty sure DA wasn’t done by them. I think was similar to what Blizzard is doing with SC:Ghost. Farm most of the work out to a 3rd party and let them use the D&D liscense.

oops i got mixed up between bioware and black isle …

nevermind then!


I kind of thought I heard that too and it’s probably the case, but it’s still under their name. My basic point still stands, consoles aren’t completely foreign territory for them and hiring one PS2 programmer doesn’t add up to abandoning the PC in my book.

As for Bioware, they’ve done console stuff already too. MDK 2 for example. Knights of the Old Republic is their only currently announced project in the works and it’s for Xbox as well as PC. I don’t think PC owners have anything to fear with either of these companies from any current indications*.

*said the college student who’s probably the least informed on a message board frequented more than occasionally by journalists and developers

BG:DA was done by Snowblind Studios. We have done MDK2 on DC and MDK Armageddon on the PS2. We are also doing KotOR on the Xbox as well as an unannounced Xbox project.

Will KOR appear on any other consoles in the future? I know there is or was a PC version planned, but it looks more like a console game to me, and I don’t have an XBox (and I don’t really want one yet).

At this time there are no other versions planned.

Anyone who would work at interplay in their current situation is either unable to get hired anywhere else, or a fool.

While on the topic of BG:DA, did anyone else find it fun for a good 4 or 5 day rental and then never picked it up again? It shore wuz purty, tho.

Plenty of hacking and slashing, but not nearly enough of the upgrading and leveling of Diablowme. Just my take. Did it really deserve all that gushing it received? Obviously, I am in the minority. Again.

I played BG:DA with my wife and we had a great time with it during the rental period. She enjoyed it so much that I’m sure we’ll buy it eventually. As a multiplayer game, it was infinitely more enjoyable than as a single player game.


That I can see. I should give it a go with a buddy. Maybe they are working on a MP version for the PS2. That could be interesting.

BG:DA started out as a great, if somewhat limited, action-RPG but apparently the designers had exhausted their resources by the time they were done with the first chapter. The further you got, the emptier the environments became. I suspect that it got a lot of gushing because few people actually played more than the first chapter…

I forgot to mention…my wife was kind of offended by part of the game. The bouncing boobs of the Inn’s proprietor were just too much for her. You can’t even NOT look at them. It’s just ridiculous.


That’s right. I think the bobbs kept me playing a few hours longer. Hoping to get one more glimpse. :wink:

That’s just pathetic. And this is coming from something that gets excited when an electron hits it.

They absolutely have a life of their own. It’s uncanny. I mean, they’re the right size and all that… it’s just… I’ve never seen a pair move like that… ever. It’s so strange and yet you can’t help but watch. Says a lot about the developers…


I know there is or was a PC version planned, but it looks more like a console game to me, and I don’t have an XBox (and I don’t really want one yet).

It looks like it plays similarly to Neverwinter Nights – which is to be expected, given the nature of the developers and the timetable of its development – and I just can’t imagine NWN on a console. Possible, but not good.

Likewise, I’m way skeptical about KotOR on a console. I expect the PC version to be much, much better.