Black Klansman - Jordan Peele producing the next Spike Lee joint

Apparently it’s got some good buzz out of Cannes, and the trailer looks damn good:

God Bless White America.

The A.V. Club has someone at Cannes who has seen it, posted a review:

“America first” by the end of the trailer? Subtle like a jackhammer.

Thread title doesn’t have enough 'K’s in it.

With how stupid this country appears to have become, hitting people in the head with a jackhammer sounds about right.

Well that motto and chant are old, we’re talking turn of the 20th century old. It was a major rallying cry for non intervention, or even siding with Germany, during WWII. So it’s not anachronistic to see it show up, but it’s Spike Lee, i have little doubt it isn’t also meant as modern political commentary either.