Black Mirror


Yeah, that’s how I feel too. One thing’s for certain: I’m always excited watching Black Mirror because I never know what to expect.

And yeah, I’m with @Ginger_Yellow in that I think The National Anthem is up there with the best.


The problem with E01S01 is that it’s the first episode. So it really freaks people out when they hit that in “order”.

(It’s also far from the best of the series, I wouldn’t call it the worst or anything, but it’s not in the top half.)


I was visiting my brother and sister-in-law a few years ago and I recommended Black Mirror. So we watched in on Netflix that evening. The National Anthem plays. Right around the pig-fucking scene happens they’re both calling it sick. I was like, oh, man, this was an especially bad show to recommend on Christmas Day.


Black Mirror is supposed to freak people out.


Ok so I watched all 3 episodes of season 1, somehow previously missing that it was a Brit show with its super short seasons. Interesting stuff so far and I’ll definitely keep going.


Wow, you’re going through them really fast. Unlike normal TV shows, these are more like 3 movies, and each one gave me something to think about, so I couldn’t watch them back to back within the same week.


I was sick for a day so took advantage of the time in bed! The next seasons will take me a bit longer.


Yeah this is a show that I think would work best as a normal weekly TV show vs. the Netflix release all and binge style. I mean, once the new season came out I gobbled them up as fast as I could, but ideally you would watch one, spend a few days thinking about it and discussing with friends and then move onto the next one.



I am certainly going to give this a chance, hopefully they can pull it off. Its one of my favorite shows.


Next season is going to be exciting with that choose your own adventure theme. I wonder if they will let us vote via Twitter or other channel.


I assume you’ll just pick an option through Netflix. They have some kid shows that allow that right now. It just plays a different scene depending on what you pick.


They actually have Minecraft Story Mode up on Netflix. I wasn’t aware that kind of thing was even possible.



I watched it earlier. Very interesting. I enjoyed it a lot while I was “playing”, but not sure what my takeaway is. Making choices definitely fits the theme of the story, but I’m not really sure what message they were going for. Regardless, it was a good diversion at worst.


Is this new Season on a level with the Season that had Jon Hamm? Last year seemed a slight letdown.


New season hasn’t come out yet, just one “episode”.


I thought this one episode was supposed to be the whole season? Since they had to film so much footage and so many permutations?

So there’s more to come?


Sounds like there’s a fifth season coming in 2019.


My older TV’s netflix app isn’t compatible with the new black mirror episode.

Is it me, or is it weird to start a discussion about “do I need to upgrade my TV’s firmware so I can watch a particular show, or maybe do I need a bootdisk that has is properly configured to run the Voodoo memory manager?”

(The TV in my living room is from the last year or so, and is compatible, so at least I can watch this on a big screen with the wife.)