Black Mirror


Brilliant. Thank you. I tried to find such a setting on Xbox last night, but it wasn’t there. I should have known Netflix wouldn’t make that available anywhere except their website.


Oh my god… thank you!


You are the MVP, thanks! Just in time for Stranger Things 2.


Making Nosedive reality isn’t just for the Chinese, apparently. Blockchain idiots want to do it too!


Awww balls man



Season 4 will launch on Netflix Dec. 29, the streaming service has announced.


Your regular China Nosedive update.


Just a heads up, season 4 came out at 12 pm pacific time. USS Callister was solid so far!


Happy Black Mirror Day everyone!


Thanks for the reminder


Really enjoyed the first one. Great to see Plemons do his creepy thing again. A bit less sold on the execution of the second one, but I liked what it was trying to do - classic BM material.


Yeah Arkangel didn’t hang together well, it felt like a cheap parable. Not one of the best. I was all like “these aren’t that dark?” until I got to the third episode, Crocodile. Well played.


Crocodile is brutal. And I just finished Dark today as well, which has its own particularly brutal episode, so that was fun.


USS Calister was probably my favorite episode so far.

Aaron Paul as Gamer691 was pretty good too.


Just watched Callister. Great start to the season! I loved how intentionally cheesy all the visual effects were even after the intro.


Watched all of S4. I don’t know that anything blew me away quite the way some stuff in Season 3 did, but there are some solid entries here.

I’d say, for me:

  • Arkangel is the runt of the litter. It felt sooo predictable and preachy. Not the worst in the series, but not far from it either. Also as a parent who knows anything about anything, you’d never do this shit.

  • Metalhead is the standout, might be a top 5 of the whole series for me. Also appropriately dark. This felt like an outstanding short film in so many ways, even divorced from the whole Black Mirror “ooo scary future might be bad” brand, it’s just a damn good story, told well. It’s also scarily plausible based on tech we have today, much less 50 years from now.

USS Callister, Crocodile, and Hang the DJ are all solid entries.

Black Museum is … interesting. It’s kind of two stories in one, ala White Christmas, but it also seems to be a criticism of Black Mirror itself in some ways, hence “Black Museum”. I’ll avoid saying more right now because everything just came out and I want to hear what others think about this one in particular, first.


Just watched USS Callister. That was one of my five favorite hours of TV ever.


I liked Callister. It reminded me of a plot line where a bunch of people get trapped on a planet by an alien who forces them to perform star trek storylines. Can anyone remember what show that is from?




Yeah that’s it, good job! I do wonder if that was a direct inspiration in the writing of the episode.