Black Ops Cold War is the next Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War could be the next Call of Duty According to multiple independent sources, the next Call of Duty will be a return to the Black Ops timeline. It is rumored that Cold War would essentially be a reboot of the first Black Ops game, taking players back to the post-Vietnam War era. Like the current Modern Warfare game, it wouldn’t be a straight up remake, but more of a do-over that recontextualizes the old game’s elements in the more modern style. Lending credence to the rumors, the bunker locations in Modern Warfare’s battle royale Warzone map recently became accessible, and they are filled with Cold War details like a U-2 spy plane. The next season of the battle pass will feature bunker-related missions and the timing of the next season’s start would match the release of past Call of Duty annual game announcements. Expect conspiracy theories and battle pass seasons to meld and say hello to The Numbers again!

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81.65 GB? That’s one giant red door.

CoD 2019 is 190GBs on PS4 right now.

That includes 8 months of DLCs (tons of maps, skins and of course WarZone).

And there we go. That’s pretty much confirmation.

So that’s going to be this generation’s Call of Duty: Ghosts.

As in playable on two generation’s of hardware? At least this one should be playable crossplatform.

Interestingly, in today’s earning call Activision only mentioned Raven and Treyarch as the developers for the next CoD. Last year, Kotaku reported that Sledgehammer and Raven were handling the campaign duties.

Also, is this the latest a CoD has ever been revealed?

Yes. They haven’t even announced the name officially yet, which is crazy considering we’re now in the last season of Modern Warfare.

Yep, quite late. Usually, a CoD game is announced around May, followed up by another showing at E3.

I’d guess that SARS-CoV2 had partially derailed the typical schedule since it kept Activision from doing a big on-site event to which they can invite everyone. Maybe it’s also down to some production trouble. And switching everyone to home office will also have had some effect on the development during a time when the team would have worked on anything needed for a spring reveal. Perhaps the publisher is now using the opportunity to test the waters if it’s actually fine for a CoD to have a shorter window between announcement and release.

I really hope they have a strong engine for it because frankly, Modern Warfare’s engine will be really tough to beat. If this game is “smaller” for lack of a better word, it’s going to be obvious.

I’m pretty sure the success of Warzone plays a part too, as they probably had to rethink how to integrate it with the new game.

Dave, hopefully they’ll be using the MW engine. If Treyarch is making their own “next-gen” engine, it’s probably going to be used for their own game (and not one co-developed with Raven). And surely they’re not going to use an old engine, as I don’t think that would go down well.

Full reveal happening August 26.

The original debut teaser linked in the above post has been removed because it made the Chinese Communist Party uncomfortable.

The tagline of the teaser is “Know your history, or be doomed to repeat it”.


“Cross-Gen Edition” announced with Standard and Ultimate editions. The next gen upgrade will not be free.

If there’s one company who could easily get away with charging $70 for next gen games, it would be Activision I would think, for this franchise especially.

If you want to see how the reveal played out in real time, here you go…

The trailer is great. I’m stoked. Spies and CoD is a great mix.

Just want to see the trailer? Here’s that…