Black Ops Cold War is the next Call of Duty

Credits roll. I’m the rare person who plays CODs for the single player campaign and I really dug it, especially the final mission. Definitely going to replay that one at least one more time, hint hint!

I purchased COD Cold War for the PC and it is my first time playing a Call of Duty game. I have been playing with my kids and their wives mainly on the Zombie map.

I have been playing solo trying to learn the map and have some basic questions so my kids do not have to constantly play baby sitter for me (Call of War Dad Duty so to speak lol). I am currently level 22.

  1. I understand that leveling a weapon opens more mods you can place on the gun. Does it also make it more generically powerful? I ask because I seem to have acquired most of the recommended pieces that I have seen on some builds. So is it still smart to level the gun for sheer power?

  2. I have also kept using my Hauer 77 rather than switching guns that hang on the wall figuring it is better to just keep leveling up one gun etc. rather than switching around. Am I right or would I be better off picking up guns that I can not create a class around yet?

  3. Raising my overall level - will that allow me to carry more than one item type? Right now I can either carry grenades, or stims but not both at the same time. I am not sure if that is just part of the Zombie map or if raising my overall level will add the ability to hold more than one item type.

  4. What is a wildcard exactly and how do I get one?

  5. Does anyone know of a site that has a diagram of the important locations? I die a lot because I do not know where I am going. I have been leaving one zombie alive to run around to look things over but that only gets me so far. I can watch YouTube videos but a diagram would be nice (I have been trying to hit the Caps key to get a map up but it has not worked for me yet. The mini map is not that helpful for overall position knowledge at least for me.

Bumping this thread because you need Cold War for this…

@tomchick I hear you like Zombies?

I do like zombies! However, I don’t play Activision games. I’d rather not support companies that consider human right “a divisive political issue”.


Outbreak is a blast. We don’t like the zombie modes in any COD games but this one totally ticks the right boxes. Larger open-ish world, exploring and searching for gear, upgrades, and a super tense couple final encounters. I went in solo once, took my time sniping zombies from roofs, just enjoying searching for items…and died right before the exfil.

This mode is now our fav mode for COD. With all the zombie modes, Warzone, a decent campaign, and many multi maps and modes, you definitely get your money’s worth…if you like shooters.

In strong agreement with you here. I liked the early COD Zombie modes that were more simplistic such as surviving as many waves as you could in a house. I lost interest in them when they became these solve Willy Wonka’s wacky convoluted puzzle thing.

I tried a few matches of Outbreak and this offers a much purer form of Zombie killing in large open maps that gives room for exploration, discovery, and combat. I have been pining for a Battle Royale against AI/Bots for a while now and while this isn’t quite that it actually gets really close to what I have been looking for. Wide open maps, loot chests hidden all about, random weapon pickups, equipment upgrades, and so on in a co-op PVE setting. Really impressed with Outbreak.

I played it last night. I’m definitely more inclined toward PvE shooters as you all likely know by now, but I did enjoy Outbreak!

The maps from Dirty Bomb are all good and they fit this mode really well. It’s also great how quickly you can level guns while playing it. I snatched about five high levels on the FFAR last night which will make it great for leveling the new guns. I get tired of playing Plunder and running Supply Run contracts the entire game.

If you haven’t tried Dirty Bomb in Cold War, I do recommend that as a middle ground between Outbreak and the Warzone if you’d like real players now and then.

But yeah, this is a great addition. The zombie ship in Warzone is cool too if a little half-baked by comparison, but I do like the other map changes there too with the missile silos.

Living outbreak

Picked this up as it was on sale, partly because of @DaveLong and his glowing praise! Also because Raven. The campaign plot is uber-cheesy but the production values are good. I like this era more than contemporary, even if so much of the story is over the top in a way that would make even a zombie Tom Clancy blush. Just scratching the surface so far to get a feel for things.

Ha! I think you’ll dig it! There are definitely some campaign twists headed your way and yeah, it definitely is Tom Clancy on 11 silly at times. Woods is easily my favorite CoD character. He gets all the best lines.

The setting is my jawn too. Not only the 80’s stuff but the action spy stuff too. More games should be built in different eras like this and dig into them the way this game does. When you consider the arsenal they give you is pretty broad and we get new guns with each season, they really go all out to add great flavor and variety to the gunplay.

Between Cold War, Warzone, and Modern Warfare, Call of Duty is now a platform all its own for different types of shooter gameplay. I was playing twin stick stuff in Dead Ops last night after Zombies in Outbreak, and that’s months after finishing the cool campaign and enjoying lots of multiplayer and using these guns daily in Warzone!

Ok, played some Outbreak. Had to quit when my mouse hand was cramping up and it was time to go to bed. So. Much. Goodness. Jumped into a regular match and without knowing squat managed to top the scoreboard in both matches. Pretty much pure run and gun mayhem, with excellent gunplay. I have zero clue about all the vending machines, currencies, BattleRipoff, etc. and I still can’t figure out if you can actually melee the zombies (doesn’t seem you can) but wow, worth the price of admission for sure.

I melee the zombies a lot to save ammo. At least when I have to as there are a lot of ammo crates around. Melee is pretty much one hit kill with just swinging with the weapon in hand. Have not tried the hammers that come up at times out of the chests.

You can add the melee to your gun too with a class build. I find that helps a lot.

Melee works fine for early levels especially once you upgrade the melee skill. With a primary melee weapon you can melee pretty far into the game as you can pack-a-punch your weapon and upgrade it.

I am really addicted to Outbreak, but hate playing with randoms. :( Need to play with some groups.

Huh. Guess I have to, um, figure out what is the melee key! Kept hitting “F” but that wasn’t it. I guess I’ll look at the keybinds!

BTW, I am TANSTAAFL#5544780 if anyone wants to friend me up.

I think melee key is E on PC (at work at the moment)

Whatever it is, you should probably remap it to something you can use quickly and easily. On a controller it’s defaulted to a right stick push but I prefer the tactical option which puts it on circle as I need to crouch/prone a lot more than melee in everything but Zombies.

I agree with remapping it if you don’t have a gamepad with paddles. I leave mine on the stick for the same reason you moved yours. I crouch more and I find it easier to hit the paddle underneath than push the stick

I have a Back Button Attachment for the PS4 so ping is on the right back button and jump is on the other one, which is the ideal Warzone setup for me but unfortunately Sony doesn’t have such a thing for PS5 yet (which is where I own Cold War). I definitely miss that back button ping when I don’t have it. It’s super useful.

Yeah, “E” on the PC. Works great level 1 or 2, not so much after that :). The Ray Gun pistol though, wow.