Black Ops Cold War is the next Call of Duty

I melee the zombies a lot to save ammo. At least when I have to as there are a lot of ammo crates around. Melee is pretty much one hit kill with just swinging with the weapon in hand. Have not tried the hammers that come up at times out of the chests.

You can add the melee to your gun too with a class build. I find that helps a lot.

Melee works fine for early levels especially once you upgrade the melee skill. With a primary melee weapon you can melee pretty far into the game as you can pack-a-punch your weapon and upgrade it.

I am really addicted to Outbreak, but hate playing with randoms. :( Need to play with some groups.

Huh. Guess I have to, um, figure out what is the melee key! Kept hitting “F” but that wasn’t it. I guess I’ll look at the keybinds!

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I think melee key is E on PC (at work at the moment)

Whatever it is, you should probably remap it to something you can use quickly and easily. On a controller it’s defaulted to a right stick push but I prefer the tactical option which puts it on circle as I need to crouch/prone a lot more than melee in everything but Zombies.

I agree with remapping it if you don’t have a gamepad with paddles. I leave mine on the stick for the same reason you moved yours. I crouch more and I find it easier to hit the paddle underneath than push the stick

I have a Back Button Attachment for the PS4 so ping is on the right back button and jump is on the other one, which is the ideal Warzone setup for me but unfortunately Sony doesn’t have such a thing for PS5 yet (which is where I own Cold War). I definitely miss that back button ping when I don’t have it. It’s super useful.

Yeah, “E” on the PC. Works great level 1 or 2, not so much after that :). The Ray Gun pistol though, wow.

Anyone playing this with a rtx 2080? I’m tempted, but with as much trouble as I had with the last CoD I’m wary of it being wasted money.

when leveled up it works until wave 10-12 or so. With a primary knife or melee wave 15-18 or so, even higher when fully pap’d and rarity increased in game.

Heh, ok. I have played only two runs, so I have a ways to go.

Is the Battle Pass worth twenty bucks?

entirely an opinion thing. If you like or care about cosmetics in the slightest, the value is good especially compared to the high prices of bundles that are not the battle pass. Also it’s nice that you earn back a bunch of points to use the next season and these carry over to the next cod if you end up switching.

edit: oh, also I think it’s only 10 or 15, don’t think it’s 20 for the pass unless you get the fancy version (which just gives you some extra levels which you will earn anyway if you are planning on playing a bunch)

Yeah. It’s only $10 unless you get the deluxe version.

Their cosmetics are among the best offered in a battle pass IMO and in all the various blueprint and operator offerings in the store.

Huh, seems it’d be worth ten clams then. I was playing last night in a match that shifted servers in the middle, and lost a couple of people. The guy I was playing with after that was I think from Europe, by his accent, and was really nice. He showed me some good tips and how to use the punch up machines, etc. and was really helpful.

I also tried a solo run, which was interesting. The Cold War campaign, OTOH, is a very mixed bag. Some of the stuff is really cool, while other bits are just meh. It’s more interesting than the Modern Warfare one at least.

It pays off in the end. Keep going. :)

If I bought the regular battle pass can I upgrade to the deluxe one?

Anyone else getting a lot of connection errors or dropped connections?

I don’t know how many times I have been pulled out of an Outbreak map when our team was doing well. Between Warzone and Cold War I have been really disappointed with the netcode. If I am not getting pulled out of a game it seems other players are as I constantly see one player just idling or inactive.

That is in comparison to playing Apex Legends recently, which has been rock solid and smooth as butter from installation to netcode to quickly finding matches.

I play with a 1660TI. Obviously not the highest detail levels but it plays smooth

I have never had issues, but I play on PlayStation. The PC version has always been the least stable platform for Modern Warfare.

@Kadath All you get in the Deluxe is a head start as far as I’m aware? You can buy individual Battle Pass levels for COD Points at any time.

If any of you plan to play Warzone at some point, the guns to level in Zombies are the Bullfrog, FFAR, and the M16. The DMR is nerfed but it’s still pretty strong in Warzone. It seems like the new FARA will be a good one too but right now the suppressors are broken in Warzone so no one’s really sure where that gun stands yet.

Zombies is a very good way to level guns for Warzone.