Black Ops Cold War is the next Call of Duty

I haven’t tried randoms yet. Is there any kind of skill-based matchmaking?

While I know the “Pros” and streamers hate it in Warzone, it does at least give me players that know what they’re doing there for the most part.

No, in Outbreak AFAIK it’s a toss-up, totally. And I’m coming to see that the ranks are useless in determining skill.

I only play SOLO or with my kid, who only likes to play one a week or so. It’s such a fun mode, wish my kid would play more. I just enjoy taking my time and killing those undead in all sorts of ways. At least in Solo, makes a difference to have a vehicle to head to the Evac area so you have enough time to clear it. So fun.

For a bit more challenge, play private but by yourself instead of solo. think it’s better xp too.

So far the biggest offender in randoms other than people just dropping dead constantly is people triggering the main objective before you can get anything at all. Later rounds it’s actually fine to portal in, do the obj and portal to the next, but early you need at least armor and probably PaP or a perk or two. Last one they triggered it asap, all died and I scrapped by. Next round they started it again with me as the only person with armor. Pretty frustrating. Biggest advantage of Outbreak is that you can slow things down a tad from normal zombies and people just don’t do that.

edit: going to get on and play in a few minutes I think

Ok, maybe I’m just dense, but I can’t figure out these bundles. There were a couple of free bundles, so I got them. They have an M16 version in each. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make use of the bundled weapon.

when you create a class, choose armory to pick a blueprint. Then you can modify attachments from there just know that other attachments might not match the camo or aesthetic of the bundle weapon.

Huh. I’ll give it a try. In other news, or not-news, their net code sucks donkey balls. Once again was dropped in the middle of a match, with the connection interrupted icon. Could still here the other players wondering what was going on, after it froze up, then poof it was gone. I mean, I don’t mind going solo or private in Outbreak but often it’s just more fun with more people and there is more to do that you just can’t do with one.

I’m not sure zombies uses the dedicated servers sadly, so connections are much worse than in pvp

The messages you get in the lobby refer to specific players hosting, and I’ve been switched to a different host during a match when the host quits. So yeah it’s not exactly built for stability.

Is there any reason to play the Black Ops Cold War “multiplayer” as opposed to Warzone? Warzone seems a lot more fun.

There’s a lot of different modes in Black Ops, I like a lot of them as a more fast pace style but it definitely comes down to what you find as fun. I generally prefer Warzone with friends and kill confirmed our one of the objective based modes alone.

Well, one thing that multiplayer will do for your Warzone game is make you better at playing fast, which is probably the number one thing most people can’t do in any Call of Duty modes and speed is one of the most important attributes when you get in a fight.

By speed I mean… hitting headshots immediately upon sighting an enemy, knowing how to quickly calculate a flank on that guy you saw running elsewhere on the map, using that flank to surprise the enemy, knowing where you can escape to if you get in trouble and survive, and basically just how to do everything at a superfast clip.

Argruably, this would be better learned in Modern Warfare as the engine is the same for that game as Warzone and Cold War is definitely a more arcade-like Treyarch game, but you can still gain a LOT of speedy awareness and just plain skill increase by playing multiplayer.

It’s also a good way to level guns you want to use in the Warzone.

Consider that in Warzone you get into maybe… three to five actual firefights at close-ish range in a game, and that’s if you’re good and you are trying to pick your own. In multiplayer, it’s a constant stream of firefights. You will learn how to shoot better if you are in constant combat, and that’s the most important skill you need in the Zone.

True but you have to be willing to die, and lose, a LOT to get marginally better, even with SBMM. The fans can lament the evils of performance based matching but as someone who is always going to be in the worst 10% overall it’s refreshing to actually get matched with people close to my skill level and not ganked endlessly

That is very true. Five years ago when I started this Call of Duty journey with Black Ops III, I was around a .7 or .8 K/D ratio. That was with years of Quake, Unreal Tournament, Halo, etc. under my belt. I was pretty good at helping my team win matches when I wasn’t kill feeding the other guys, but I still wasn’t “good”.

In Cold War, I’m a 1.2 K/D after about 16 hours of multiplayer. In the Warzone, I’m a 1.1 K/D with 446 hours played, and in Modern Warfare I’m a 1.0 with 127 hours played. I think that’s evidence of how you can improve, but I play most nights for a couple hours at least and sometimes binge it on weekends. I played most multiplayer by myself although there was a lot of time on Modern Warfare with a squad of people I played with regularly including a lot of Gunfight. Warzone is 1353 games as of today. Insert the gritted teeth smiley here.

I think SBMM is perfectly fine, but it should always be tuned and watched to make sure games aren’t always on the side of too difficult and I think for awhile there that’s how it was tuned. It seems to have improved tremendously in Season 2 and I think again, you can thank Raven for that as they’re running the live service again for Warzone. The years and years of experience those folks have is on par with the experience that walked out the door when Respawn was founded.

Anyway, long story short, to get better you’re gonna have to get shot, but you also miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so everyone here should give it a try!

The combat speed I can live with. I’m getting better with snap-shotting zombies in the noggin for instance, and can rattle off a lot of headshot kills fast in Outbreak. Against humans, of course, it’s a lot harder, but the run/aim/shoot loop I think I can handle. I find it really hard at first though to figure out where I am, where to go, and how/when/what to upgrade or modify. One reason I like to play solo or with bots at first is to try to learn the layouts and the “rules” as it were. My first time in Modern Warfare multiplayer I couldn’t focus on the actual shooting because I was so at sea with the context. With Warzone, the first time I tried it was similar, as I had no clue what was going on.

Naturally, playing more will lead to improvements I’m sure. I have a lot of competition for my time during the gaming hours so I’m not sure how consistent I can be however.

For Warzone specifically, I think it’s important to stay within the meta or close to it. There’s a good reason everyone is running around with FFARs right now. It’s just plain better, and you will lose fights to it at close to medium range with almost every other gun given similar ability to aim.

Anyway, I think these games are fun regardless. I know people like to bitch about online players, but a lot of people are very cool and even the toxic stuff can be funny if you’re witty. Also, death chat rules. Every game needs death chat. :D

Since the dragon Krig hadn’t been released yet I bought the one with a skull yesterday. Apparently that lets you start Outbreak with a level one Legendary weapon which is pretty nice. That takes some of the sting out of spending $20 to play dress up. I’m warming to the idea of these cosmetics a bit. It feels strange after having been against them so long.

Many of the packs have guns with great attachment setups. It’s pretty well known that this pack…

…which I own, was probably their best seller ever because the Grau in there was right in the meta for the time. The Grau was new that season and it always takes time to level a gun so you get all the attachments. This one had the sight, the barrel, and the 50 round mag. It also had the cool purple tracers and another meta viable MP-7. I think it’s still one of only two I’ve purchased and the other one was a similarly great RAM-7 with green tracers that was right in the meta.

Anyway, look for packs that have five attachments where some are meta correct. They’re selling those as packs for a very good reason. :)

Oh! And sometimes the iron sights on a Blueprint gun are just slightly different and better than the standard gun.

Here’s another… this is absolutely the meta Kilo-141 from Modern Warfare with one exception, the mag. You’d want the 60 or the 100 round mag and to drop the Sniper Stock, but otherwise it’s 100% the meta and was sold like this because they knew it. $24 in CoD Points. Sort of a shortcut to a proper gun build, but also not a big deal IMO since anyone can level the gun and bulid it without the tracers. You also get a pretty cool Mara skin.

One thing to note about the blueprints and paid store stuff is that it really isn’t hard to max out the guns you want to play with in a free manor. If you play the plunder mode you pick your loadout to drop into the game and will continuously respawn/drop into the game if you die. If you drop into storage town there are almost always a handful of people fighting to practice against (and get weapon xp). In addition, you can drive or fly around the map and do contracts and get weapon XP very quickly. The important thing is you get your weapon XP for the gun you are holding when you do the contract. As a solo with supply runs and recons with a vehicle you can easily do 6-8 in a 20 minute match and level up guns very fast. If you have some 2x weapon XP tokens you can do it even faster. I think generally you can just level guns by playing the games, but if you want to get something maxed out quickly to have a good first loadout drop gun you can max an MP5/Mac10/Grau/Kilo/FFAR/Aug or whatever you want quickly to not feel like you’re outgunned.

It’s a definite advantage to stay on top of it, particularly for when they break one of the attachments. But when you are starting out the bigger thing (in my mind) is to try and get a good feel for the damage characteristics of the different guns and trying to shape your fights around where your current weapons are strong. If you have an SMG don’t get into a mid range fight and find a way to close, if you have an AR try not to engage at midrange. There’s a lot of nuances around the specific guns and attachments that you can massage, but you will always spend a decent amount of time with floor loot or guns off other players so learning how to incorporate that thought process of what you have equipped and how you want to engage in fights to plot your way through the map will help you a lot.

the bundle will get you the attachments, but pretty sure any weapon you bring in is a rarity under common. (red) and needs to be upgraded. you don’t start with a legendary as far as I know (orange)

the multiplayer modes are a lot different than warzone, only the gunplay is similar imo. 6v6 and more so fireteam are good ways to get better at shooting and moving. I tend to play more 6v6 and 3v3 than warzone though in part because the time it takes to get into a warzone game can be frustrating if you get an early death, and I’m not a big fan when the gulag is weapons I don’t like (snipers for example)

Keep in mind that you k/d will be higher in Cold War vs Warzone and MW in part because it counts assists in the calculation since Eliminations include kills and assists now. Every single mode is a lot more fun with friends though. I kinda miss Cod4 when we had enough people to 6v6 just with ourselves and there was no prestige so people weren’t afraid of losing xp/unlocks by playing private ;)

edit: at any rate my actiID is Harkonis#3529741

They actually have Ultra level bundles now. The new FFAR one has a gun that color cycles if you get enough kills.

There area bunch of Legendary ones though. Just check the store or use the site I linked above.

It’s certainly true that all guns can be leveled to get all attachments, but there are some really nice looking Blueprints to buy too and Operator costumes too for that matter.