Black Sheep Baa Baa IEEEEE!

A medium budget flick from New Zealand about sheep gone wrong.
It reminded me of Dead-Alive (I think Peter Jackson’s special effects house did some of the special effects).

I liked it okay, it was played for laughs (it is funny to see people quake in terror at the appearance of a fluffy sheep.)

Anyone seen it? Just curious.

It was pretty money. Without the sheep angle, it was an okay film, but the first time a sheep flies in from off screen to attack someone makes it worth it.

Saw the ads for it and all I could think was “Snakes on a Plane”.

I mean, “killer sheep…HAHAHAHAHAHA”? Really? Doesn’t the main joke get old after their first appearance?

No not really. Flesh ripping sheep is always funny.

Its not as good (or as funny) as say, Dead Alive, but its definately not bad.

Not the first time Jackson has worked with sheep.