Black X-Box 360?

It confuses me why the industrial design of the new XB360 has been lauded.

Isn’t it just a Dell Optiplex workstation in white?

welcome to nearly a year ago. plan on skipping mardi gras, just a suggestion.


Speaking of those slimline Dell workstations, I had to case mod mine at work to get a double-header video card in there to get my dual LCD monitors up and running. Only slimline cards can fit in there, so not only is mine jacked-knifed open right now like a clam-shell, but I took a pair of pliers to the rear to bend all the chassis metal backwards because the sheet metal was obscuring the DVI port.

I hope IT doesn’t mind. After all, it’s their fault for not giving me the tower form computer I’d ordered. They must have confused me with a regular corporate tech writer.

Fun fact: the original Xbox isn’t black; it’s dark green. Just take it, or more easiliy one of the first-party controllers, into direct sunlight to see for yourself.

I’m fairly certain that the Xbox 360 doesn’t really look anything at all like the Dell you have pictured there.

I’ve got an Optiplex GX280 on my desk right now, and I spotted the resemblance right away. Especially now that I have a black faceplate on my 360. The Dell is deeper, lacks the indents in the center, but otherwise looks quite similar, right down to the Dell logo where the “ring of light” is on the 360 when standing vertically.

At least the original Xbox had an X on it. Heh.

Revolution takes the cake so far as for next gen console looks. It may be simple but at least it looks futuristic.

PS3 = george foreman grill
360 = optiplex
Rev = looks like a double-dvd slip case with a slot loading drive on the side