Blackest Heart Productions presents: A Child prodigy!

As the official “Blackest Heart on the Internet” I hereby poo-poo this so called 11 year old “Art Prodigy” (recently linked on Digg).

Seriously though, does this girl have any chance of becoming a serious and famous artist. I’ve seen these so called child art prodigy’s a few times before and it usually seems that stuff that was “amazing” and “precocious” at age 8-12 is suddenly “paint by numbers” by age 18-22.

Other recent prodigies for your consideration:

Age four:
(Come on people. Abstract art by adults is bad enough.)

Age sixteen:
(That’s about ten times as many boring frogs as the world needed.)

Akiane lost me as soon as she started spouting off about god.

Holy crap. My uncle Bruce is Jesus.

For those of you who are curious: Jesus is of Swedish descent, drinks MGD, enjoys football, rodeos and Wild West historical items, and has an Australian Shepard named Cody. He also recently purchased his mid-life crisis Porsche.

Ok, but the 4 year old one is a joke, right? It’s an example of how abstract art is pretty stupid, right? Monkey’s with typewriters and all that.

wtf with that four year old. It just shows how much of a load of bullshit modern art is - does anyone with half a brain really believe that’s more than just random slaps of paint?

“I was inspired to paint all the races, but to find colored people where I lived was very hard. After a lot of prayer I met two black children whose story was so amazing that I wanted to paint it right away.”

That article subject, if just changed a little could make a great plot for a movie. I’m thinking Omen here, only on a Constantine Water Feet Chair Cat Scale.

The caption and comments for the images are art in itself.

Marla’s family see elements of Jackson Pollock in her work

I saw pasta and spaghetti, and now I’m hungry and want exactly that.

An artist’s sculpture has been rejected by the Royal Academy of Arts which has instead opted to display the wooden support it was put on… The Academy said the judging panel assumed the two pieces were separate and decided the support was better.

They didn’t have a clue the head and plinth were meant to go together and refuse to admit it. It’s the art hierarchy that ruin modern art i think.

I predict Akiane a bright future painting harlequin covers and drawing illustrations for Jehovas witness pamphlets.

Compare her work and Pollack’s:

I think there’s something to be said for the comparison. While everyone reacts differently to modern art, it’s untrue that it takes zero skill to produce. Go ahead, throw paint on a canvas and see what you come up with and whether or not it has a similar aesthetic. I’m not fond of most modern art, but what I do like is attractive because somewhere in all that formlessness there’s some type of balance and symmetry between the seemingly random shapes and colors that just works on some sort of gut level. I think of the three, the 4 year old’s stuff is far closer to real art. (The 16 year old’s stuff is just passably decent art; no more impressive than a number of folks who were in my art class in high school. The 11 year old’s stuff is schlock to me, albeit in that “Some day she’ll be rich like Kinkade” way. There’s a lot of Wyland influence in her work which might be good for her, as he makes plenty of money off of it. Me, I don’t like the surreal-cum-sparkly look of Wyland’s stuff, so I don’t like her stuff either.)

I’d pay for the top print of the 4 year old’s though, with the right decor. And not because it’s from a 4 year old. That’s the fun of art.

Akiane is ahead of the curve to the point of undeniable brilliance. The fact that she is being intensively drilled in creating pap is undeniably horrifying.

It’s an odd cohabitation of thoughts: the girl is so young and yet so skilful, and yet it always hits the same notes.

It’s a bit like with kids her age who are already turning to violence and crime, except in her case, she is turning to hallmark cards and the gold-rimmed collector plates one can order from Parade magazine. Is it already too late!?!

Nothing a trip to Florence couldn’t deal with! A trip that excludes anyone who has ever made a dime off her talent.

I feel sorry for the girl; I can’t think of many things that would be more deleterious to her development as an artist than to be surrounded by people telling her what a genius she is. The truth is, her skills are well-developed for someone her age, but her work leaves a lot of room for improvement, even on a strictly technical level. And aesthetically, her paintings are about as compelling as the black velvet paintings they sell on the roadside next to gas stations.

There’s nothing wrong with that–I mean, she’s 11. But what she really needs is some serious training, not a bunch of people trying to turn her into some sort of sideshow attraction (“Ladies and gentlemen… the artistic savant!”). A 25-year old artist turning out work like that would never land an appearance on Oprah. Her age, rather than her work, is what makes her noteworthy. Eventually she’s going to realize that, and she’ll be lucky if she’s not burned out by age 20.