That is exactly what they are doing. They are charging a monthly fee to get the exact same content you would get with an antenna. All the commercials are still there. The only convenience is that you can time shift.


Then I’ll stick with what I originally said, these networks don’t get it. I don’t want a dozen different logins, and I am not paying more for the privilege of watching it online. I will however pay more than I do now to get a convenient service with or without commercials. There are channels I’d be willing to pay for but half the cost of HBO for CBS makes no sense.


Arise. I am not sure this show really works for me anymore. The major change this season is just… now it’s just a different show, and now they’re working with the bad guys. It just seems beyond real.


I am a horrible person, but I think I like the show better without Megan Boone. D:


I stopped watching because of her… Now that she’s gone, perhaps I need to come back!


This is sad. I mean I guess I get not liking someone since two characters in Grimm are pushing me out but they literally started working with guys responsible for some pretty horrid deaths and torture. It just odd. I guess they’re doing a spin-off too with Tom which might explain why there’s these random people just getting extra screen time.


To be honest I dont believe she is dead. They were kind of heavy handed with the clues as to how she may be alive not the least of which was several of Red’s most loyal crew letting him know of their opinions on how his involvement in her life was what put her in jeopardy. I think Mr. Kaplan, who excels at clean up and making things disappear helped Lizzie’s real mother get her out from under Reds influence.


The actress left the show because of her pregnancy and she wanted time with her newborn and family, but the article I read about it specifically did not mention her as “leaving” the series. I suspect the door is open for Lizzie’s return, but I have no clue how they would manage that and still keep a relevant storyline. I mean, sure, it could all be a ruse to finally get her and Tom and the baby away from Red for good, but then by definition her and Tom and the baby would no longer be part of the FBI taskforce, criminal operations or Red’s empire, and thus no longer part of anything relevant to the show.

And yet the show is totally different without her. Right now they’re focused on taking down her killer(s), and it’s been an interesting if completely unbelievable thrill-ride of Jason Bourne meets Mission Impossible with a little Ocean’s Eleven thrown in. But that can only last so long. What do they do for a show when they’re done? Does the task force simply go back to working directly with Red? That doesn’t work because Lizzie was the thing that kept Red motivated to work with the FBI. I suppose they could play the angle that Red wants to continue to use the Blacklist as a way to both grow his empire and keep the FBI on a leash, but then it just becomes a “criminal of the week” series with no overarching plotlines. I just don’t see how Blacklist survives once they’ve killed/destroyed the person/organization responsible for Lizzie’s death.

I didn’t know there was a Tom spinoff in the works. That would explain all the new people (Famke Janssen’s crew), as they’ll likely end up as Tom’s crew in his spinoff, assuming he accepts the invitation to work for them.


I’m also enjoying this much better since Keen left. I always found her acting to be rather wooden, and her character was consistently the most inept FBI agent on a task force that was routinely laughably inept.

Tom is amazing. More Tom. And less Reddington starting every conversation with a new bad character with an anecdote in an exotic location.


Well, that happened.



I quite literally winced.


Damn it all. So WTF happens to this show now? Obviously they could crank out a few episodes next season of the gang chasing down the Keane’s and the man responsible for abducting them, but really, how long can that last. And then there is simply no plausible way to return to the original format of task force taking down a different criminal every week, so you either retool the show as a spy drama or you simply end it. I say the latter, as while the short term holds the promise of the shows deepest questions finally being answered (Who is Elizabeth, who is her mom, what’s the deal with her dad and how does Red fit in?) it’s long term future does not look bright.


Yeah , I am thinking 1 final season at this point. Tom is getting that spinoff show anyway.


We are nearing the end of season 2 but the fiancee just keeps pointing out how amazingly stupid the lead is at almost every turn and I have to agree. She tells people things she has no business telling them and does things that make no sense. She hesitates when action is required and acts when thought is. Half the plots wouldn’t happen if she wasn’t moronic.


Oh hey, this got renewed for a 5th season. Also Tom’s spin off show, Blacklist Redemption was canceled after 8 episodes. I am only about half way into season 4, they are just pilling up on the DVR for a rainy day.


Blacklist lost a lot of it’s spark when it became the Elizabeth full house show and kind of ridiculous.


It has been better lately as the focus has been more on Reddington and Mr Kaplan. They have stepped away for the domestic aspects of Elizabeth’s family life. I think Redemption failed because it was just to ridiculous to believe that Elizabeth and Tom had basically the same bizarre parental dynamic. The whole “is you is or is you aint my daddy”, was a poor choice as the background plot for Redemption. Sadly, Tom Keen is a far more interesting character than Elizabeth and the guy who plays him is about a 1000 times better as an actor than the woman who plays Elizabeth and yet we are stuck with Lizzie.


I actually really like the dynamic between Red and Liz but you can only string me along for so long and her fugitive piece and his employee problems…bleh.


Well that sucks about Redemption. I like Tom’s character, I liked the format of a private firm that handles complicated missions for both government and private sources, and I liked the return of Matias and his interactions with Tom. It had the potential to be a very interesting show, although the premise that Tom could do his thing on this show while Lizzie does her thing on Blacklist and they could still be a family and raise their child was pretty ridiculous. I will also greatly miss Famke Janssen (so hot) and Terry O’Quinn (so awesome).

I am very curious to see where Blacklist goes from here. The season finale is shaping up to be a huge reveal, and the dynamics between Red and everyone else have changed dramatically already. Even if they don’t resolve the Mr. Kaplan issue this season, I really struggle to see where it could go that would stay interesting.


Because we couldn’t get enough of him, they had to show him in the season finale. ugh. Can’t decide if I will watch this again.