And I finished this season, overall it was alright. Glad the Mr Kaplan stuff got wrapped up as I felt it dragged on maybe a bit longer than it should have. We know the truth now about Red and Liz, but what about whats in the suitcase? Cliffhanger!


So I am behind, just started watching season 5 and finished episode 4.

Its a sort of soft reboot for Reddington and I am enjoying it immensely.

Anyone stick with the show? Season 6 is airing now.


Yes, but barely. I haven’t watched this season yet. I was not a fan with how it went last season.


Oh no! D:


All right. I am caught up. It would just be easier if they put it on HULU but whatever, at least NBC channel still has it.

It’s better than last season but I am so over this Elizabeth origin stuff. We’re at 6 years now… NBC give it a rest. Let’s just go back to the interesting lists, how clever Raymond is, how flawed the task team is which is about… I guess 70% now which is a much better ratio than it was.


And I was enjoying this last episode but they had to ruin it again with more Elizabeth whining about lies.


She has been the weakest link on the show since season 1.



I actually thought she was fine until all that mess with Tom and the fact they keep dragging that stupid storyline out for… 6 years. 6 Years! At some point you are not rewarding the watchers with something interesting, you’re punishing them for sticking around. I feel punished with Elizabeth. Lay to rest her childhood crap already and move on.


I knew Tom’s days were numbered as he is on another show. :p

But i didn’t expect it so soon into Season 5. And then the 1 year time jump!


Yeah. I thought he would take the baby and show up as a guest star once in awhile, do something really cool and then go away. And of course due to that entire bad storyline we lost one of the best characters in the show!


Season 5 finished, the answer to the riddle of the bones only created another question!

Samar and Aram are gonna get married!

Seriously all of Reddington’s associates are so awesomely weird.


Whelp that episode really bugged me.


I’ll start watching season 6 soon. Sad news though:


It really does suck. I enjoyed that couple. There are… worse ways the character could have exited though.