Blackwater billed US for "Morale Welfare Recreation"

The Davises assert that Blackwater officials kept a Filipino prostitute on the company payroll for a State Department contract in Afghanistan, and billed the government for her time working for Blackwater male employees in Kabul. The alleged prostitute’s salary was categorized as part of the company’s “Morale Welfare Recreation” expenses, they said.

Wow, Blackwater did something stupid and tasteless. I’m … shocked.

Yes, and they should be called for it, everytime. Fight a war with your own troops or don’t fight it at all. There is no place for mercenaries in our army, and this is one of the reasons why.

Actually, the US (and the UK) are two of the only countries that HAVEN’T agreed not to use mercenaries in conflicts.

I do love getting to screw with the occasional PMC employee that calls inquiring about membership here at work.

Explanation: I work for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and our eligibility criteria is that you have to be a US citizen with honorable service in the US Armed Forces, and have to have served overseas in a foreign conflict.

Last year, I had the greatest call ever.

Caller: I served over in Iraq from 2003 to 2005, and then in 2008. Am I eligible to join?

Me: You definitely should be. Were you honorably discharged?

Caller: Yeah, back in 2000.

Me: …no, I meant from your last enlistment.

Caller: That was my last enlistment. I was in Iraq as a private military contractor with Blackwater, Inc.

Me: Did you serve in an overseas conflict while you were in the military?

Caller: No, all my service was stateside.

Me: Then it would appear you’re not eligible for membership.

Caller: But I served in Iraq! Your website says honorable military service!

Me: Sir, service with Blackwater qualifies neither as ‘military’ nor ‘honorable’.

Caller: …[expletives deleted] click

Best day ever.

What’s shocking to me is that we still employ these fuckers.

Remember all those times that Dick Cheney was “in an undisclosed location”?

Well, now we know where he was.

We’ve been bamboozled! Mercenaries having no scruples, who would have thought??

So, Dick Cheney is really a Filipino prostitute? Wait, what?

One of the reasons that the UK has not signed up to the no mercenary policy, in fact likely one of the primary reasons, is that it would make it impossible to have Gurkhas in the British army, as they are technically categorised as such.

And the U.S.'s excuse is…?

“just 'cos, ok Mom!!!”

The Revolutionary War was fought with mercenaries, so its like, patriotic, duh. *

  • that the mercs were fighting for the British, and weren’t really mercs anyway is beside the point.

Meh, US soldiers are mercenaries, in the sense that the US has moved away from conscription/ citizen soldiers to professional, career, armed forces, fair number of whom are not US citizens. (green card is enough to join, ISTR)

Yeah, they are mecenaries in all the ways ppl don’t care about when they compare actual soldiers to mecenaries.



At least they paid her.

Military service has been a path to citizenship for a while… I’m pretty sure my dad joined the air force before he was a citizen.

At least they paid her.

Don’t be so sure. Would it surprise anyone to find out in a month that they actually killed the hookers afterwards and claimed they paid them? No, didn’t think so. Blackwater are pure class.

You’re conflating “mercenary” with “professional soldier”. While mercenaries are professional soldiers by definition (‘professional’ meaning that they do it as a vocation, not as in they’re actually good at it), not all professional soldiers are mercenaries. Volunteer soldiers in the US swear an oath of allegiance, which is the key factor in separating them from soldiers-for-hire.

It’s also correct that US citizenship is not required to serve in the US Armed Forces - however, the lack of citizenship can be a bar to security clearances, certain deployments, et cetera.

The move from a conscription military to a volunteer military is a phenomenally moral one, at least in intent. Theoretically what you’re supposed to get is soldiers that serve because they’re patriots and believe in the ideals of their country. What you get, well, is not always the intended result.

Nevertheless, I’m waiting for someone in authority to commit political suicide and actually openly prevent the use of mercenaries in conflicts to which the US is a part. To do so erodes the monopoly of force that is the sole right of the state in any civilized society.

…and then he went and joined the American Legion instead.