Blade of the Immortal Movie?

I’ve heard a few people I know that keep up on this sort of thing mention that there may be a Blade of the Immortal movie.

Is this true? has anyone heard anything about this?

As with Hellboy, I’m kind of disturbed by it due to many fears which include over-saturation and, of course, bitter failure.

I’m a comic-newbie. Is this the same character as Blade of the Shitty Vampire Movies?

Not the same character, thank God

Last I heard, Samura didn’t even want Blade to be animated, which is why there’s no anime version of it. I find it difficult to believe he’d be willing to give up creative control and potentially end up with something like Abarenbo Shogun: The Movie, especially when it could be animated and stay pretty close to the source material.

Some nights, I lie awake and dream of Gainax doing a Blade of the Immortal series. Of course, it’d be horribly compressed, probably to the point of incomprehensiblity, but can you imagine the fan following Giichi would cultivate?

I also heard that it wasn’t to be animated, but I honestly can’t imagine the movie in live action. Also: what actor would play Manji?

i hope to dear god its not going to happen… good comics != can be made a good movie