Blade Runner 2!?



BR was one of my all time favorites. This could be good. Ridley & Harrison (sorry Tom!) are back too.


What they say about Deckard’s role in the new movie (I’m not spoiler-sensitive, but I won’t ruin it for those who are–you guys will want to avoid the article above) sounds like a good story choice to me. There are still tons of ways this can be screwed up, though.


This will never happen. What you linked up there is some dipwad blogger fishing for hits. If you follow his sources, you’ll see he’s just citing Ridley Scott making a throwaway comment while doing a promotional interview for his upcoming Moses movie.

Get back to me when there’s money behind it and names attached to it. At which point you’ll be reading about it in Variety or The Hollywood Reporter instead of from some second-stringer at Forbes.



Not seeing a lot of legit sites talk about it, although one specifically says Ridley would not direct it. We’ll see what happens.


Again, that’s all based on what he said in the Variety interview to promote his Moses movie. I linked it above. Anything you’re going to read elsewhere is based on this teensy bit in that interview where he’s asked about Blade Runner 2. Here’s the bit about him not directing:

Per Scott, that Alcon Entertainment production should go before the cameras within the next year, but with someone else directing (he’ll produce).

Ridley Scott does not decide what movies get made. The funding his production company secures decide what movies get made. What he’s been trying to do is drum up some funding, and idiotic bloggers gladly pass along his comments as if they were articles in Variety, which leads to people on message boards who don’t know a sourced article from a blog entry to talk about it like it’s an Actual Thing. Ridley Scott has even drafted Harrison Ford for the project with, as far as I can tell, nary a word from Ford himself.

Unless I’m missing something, the Blade Runner sequel is in the same boat as the Prometheus sequel.



The Titanic, I hope.


…it would be more like Blade Walker at this point.




Very nice, ddtibbs! From the Variety link:

“Prisoners” director Denis Villeneuve is in negotiations to direct Harrison Ford in the “Blade Runner” sequel for Alcon Entertainment.

Now that I can get behind! I would love to see this actually going into production. I didn’t care for Prisoners, mainly because of the script, but Villeneuve’s Enemy is an absolutely stunning masterpiece of mood and tone. I was utterly gobsmacked by Enemy. I’d love to see Villeneuve’s talent in big budget sci-fi movie.

BTW, anyone care to wager that Ford won’t be the main talent? I’m guessing they’ll try to shoehorn in some younger hotter actor as the lead.



Shia LaBeouf!


Matt LeBlanc!

Is he old now? I thought he did his best acting in the recent tv series ‘Episodes’, so that’s why he came to mind, he’s hitting his stride? On the other hand, i could see an older more alcoholic Harrison reprising his role, less running about and more future tech to help him do his job?


Don’t forget, Ford can have that “I’m getting too old for this shit.” scene.


A surprisingly fitting line given the theme of the film, let alone his actual age


It might be kind of cool if they set this movie just a few years after the first one, then Ford’s appearance could be explained by his shortened lifespan. Assuming they go with Ridley Scott’s “of course he’s a replicant” interpretation.


But Rutger Hauer and the other replicants didn’t look old before they died.


No they didn’t, but Rachel and Deckard were supposed to be different models right? With somewhat longer lifespans? I don’t know, I’m going off memory and it’s been a while.


Does harrison ford have some kind of drinking problem or something? Or is he just getting really crazy old? Cause every time I’ve seen him in recent years, in interviews or something, he’s always seemed really weird and out of it.


I’d quite like to see a faithful Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? adaptation to sit alongside Blade Runner. But I don’t think audiences would like the ending.


Rachel, yes (they took off the limiter), and same with Deckard if indeed he is a replicant (which depends on who you ask and at what time)


The fact that everyone seems genuinely ecstatic about the script is the only reason I’m not really negative on this idea.