Blade Runner 2!?


It’s set in 2019, so it could still happen.


Deadline predicts 2049 to gross $100 million worldwide this weekend, but since it was outrageously expensive, it’s going to need to gross at least $150 to cover the production costs, so it’s going to need strong word of mouth. I’m a little worried about the film’s potential legs. At the end of my screening, I heard quite a few people complain about the lack of a satisfactory resolution. The reaction wasn’t nearly as harsh as my recent Mother screening, where the first walk out occurred after 20 minutes, but still Alcon’s not really in the position to have another flop (after Transcendence and Point Break).

Vulture had a great article concerning the negative reaction to “misleading auteurism” in Hollywood. Basically, movies where auteur films are marketed as straight-ahead genre pictures, which superficially appear like any other multiplex film, but don’t meet the expectations of audiences who bought a ticket for something that satisfies genre expectations, rather than works that embrace unconventional or subversive approaches. That’s not to suggest there’s any risk of 2049 receiving an F on Cinemascore, because it’s a very strong film, but it was apparent at my screening, some viewers left the theater disappointed they didn’t get what the trailers promised: a sexy, action-packed, sci-fi, spectacle.


The lack of resolution is true. It very much felt like middlefilm of a trilogy and I didn’t exactly feel some strong catharsis or satisfaction at the end (I know K died, but still. BR1 was a bit stronger at that due to Batty’s death.


Apparently a spoiler?

It’s too bad she won’t live, but then again, who does?


I don’t even know if that is a spoiler, but could you spoilerize that, @Timex?

I know it is clever, but it’s still just opening day here in the US.




“I’ll tell you about my brother.”


I’m familiar with the line, but I’m also familiar with Timex’s sense of humor.


“He’s not heavy… he’s my brother.”


You saying this was more of a spoiler!
I haven’t actually seen the movie.
It was just a reference to the line from the first one… I actually don’t even know what post it was responding to. Something someone said made me think of it.


just seen it. Very good but… ryan gosling just cannot act. He has about as wide a range of facial expressions as vladimir putin. Harrison ford has more emotion in his ear lobes than goslings whole body. Anyway it was good, if a bit over long. There were some gratutious arty shots that served no purpose, and some confrontation/fighting bits that seemed like padding. A great movie that would be better if 30 mins shorter.


lol, I’ve been thinking this the whole time since I heard he was in it… it’s like he has no facial muscles or something. He always has the same expression.


Hoping to see this tomorrow. No way it can have the impact of the original, but that’s to be expected. This isn’t 1982. The original was a seminal movie is so many ways, in so many areas, that pretty much nothing could ever top it in terms of cultural impact. So my expectations are simply for something evocative, atmospheric, and that doesn’t piss all over the essence of the original. From what I’m hearing, I should be fine.


It is on the loooong side. It does the slow arts fart lingering on scenes forever like the original Blade Runner so you’ll love it.

I was kinda surprised they changed the setting from less Cyperpunk to more Post-Apocalyptic. The place just fills like a dead world with only small patches of the megacity sprawl I was expecting.

The Wallace Corporation doesn’t have the same ring as The Tyrell Corporation.


I appreciate the original Blade Runner more than I like it.

The same goes for this one, but I think in both measures, this is the better film. Fight me.


This Tyrell corporation didn’t have a Queen of Thorns dropping 3rd-degree burns on people.


The Economist no likey.

Those of you that think Gosling is wooden will enjoy the link.


Looking like a lot of hype, but maybe not a lot of tickets


That is depressing. Go see it people, dammit. Take your families. Though perhaps not the young kids.


This seems more like something I’d rather watch at home, much like the first one.