Blade Runner 2!?


Oh my. As in “Black and”? I guess he really is a robot! :)

To be fair, I can’t begin to remember how many times I’ve had to write his name – it’s Deckard! – in debates about the original.



These were my two main complaints as well. Disagree about it feeling like it ran out of money though.


@tomchick lol :) Thanks for the correction, I blame … errr… auto correct? :) As for the , is he a replicant or not. I found that aspect the least interesting of both movies. While I accept he probably was intended to be I watch as as he isnt, just because that’s mildly more interesting to me. If he is then its getting into Battlestar Galactica style sillyness. everyone’s a cylon! Again I wish they had focused more on the world building side or Joe’s character development and less on the Deckard (see!) thing.

@Ginger_Yellow yeah a little harsh. I guess I was annoyed at the very final scene and how narrow and staged the final fight scene was. I also found the sepia on sepia pallette a little cheap looking after a while.


I think keeping it contained for the final fight was a very intentional choice, not a budget constraint. Joe is making a very personal choice in the end, and it’d feel wrong if the fate of the world was at stake in those scenes.


Thanks. Yeah and Joe is the character (outside of Joi) who develops most in the movie. Which I did like.


Hoeks was far more memorable in The Best Offer, which I enjoyed.


Thanks for the tip! Gonna watch that. The camera loves her in my opinion.


Those are both really good points. I would have been disappointed to hear that Ford wasn’t in this movie, but ultimately his contribution likely lessens the movie. And I liked Wallace quite a bit at first, but he did devolve into a far less interesting character than it initially appeared.

And Gosling really was great.


So the thread for Blade Runner 2049 really doesn’t have the movie’s title? Anyway, Mikey has weighed in:


I was just about to post this! Only 26 days too late.

Watching this video, I am amazed at the craftsmanship that went into the movie. It makes it that much more amazing that it ever got made at all.

Also, in 2018, I’m amazed that a Blu-ray like this has a static main menu and those awful icons.



My initial reaction was a very strong negative one.

But then I looked at the people involved and… maybe?


The 2049 blu-ray has several shorts, one of which is animated and is AWESOME.


Pretty sure the animated short for BR2049 (below) was directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, who is going to be the exec producer for the animated series.


Fascinating thank you.

I know this is MY problem not the medium’s but I have a tough time when a live action IP moves to animated.

A hair less so if its all CGI but hand drawn anime just changes the emotional space of the work for me and makes it different somehow.


I am extremely interested! He directed 3 great (you can argue the last one, I loved it for being silly) anime series:
Cowboy Bebop , Samurai Champloo , and Space Dandy .


I’m not particularly into Shinji Aramaki as a director, but Kenji Kamiyama and Shinichiro Watanabe are very good names to see attached to this.

Weird that they credit Kamiyama for “upcoming Ghost in the Shell reboot” when he’s the director of Stand Alone Complex, which is the definitive take on that franchise in my book.