Blade Runner 2!?


two bits!


Ha ha, you win sir!


I saw it differently. To me, the depiction of the future in the trailer looks extremely similar to what we saw in the 1982 film, which is a testament to the ability of Ridley Scott to create a convincing vision of the future.


I don’t usually allow myself to get hyped by movies that haven’t released yet, but the pedigree of those involved in Blade Runner 2049 has forced my hand. Fantastic teaser.


I forgot / didn’t realize Harrison Ford was in this.

I haven’t watched the trailer yet. Does he say “It’s true. All of it.” to a stunned Ryan Gosling?


Loved the bit where CGI Jeff Bridges shows up.


dammit you english people with your time format… as everyone in Europe I was ready for June 10 2017…


I think its hilarious and awesome to hear that even today, Fancher/Ford and Scott are still arguing about whether or not Deckard is a Replicant in the first movie. Based upon everything he’s done lately outside of movies set on Mars, I wouldn’t be excited about this if Scott was helming but Villeneuve with Deakins will have me there opening day, which isn’t a sure thing for hardly any movie these days.


who knows why Ryan Gosling is in so many movies. I can’t stand that actor. He’s like Brad Pitt 2.0 ruining movies every year but ppl don’t seem to care.


It’s an American thing, in Britain/Ireland we use DD MM YYYY too.


Is Deckard a replicant? The film directors and star argued about it.

As it turns out, it’s not just the fans who fight about it, it’s the filmmakers, too. Ridley Scott has long insisted that Deckard is a replicant. Ford and Blade Runner co-screenwriter Hampton Fancher have just as firmly been in the “No” camp. Earlier this year, while in the middle of production of Blade Runner 2049, director Denis Villeneuve went out to dinner in Budapest with Scott (who conceived of 2049′s story with Fancher and serves as executive producer) and Ford, and found himself with a ringside seat for the same argument they’ve been having for the last 34 years.

“It was very funny, I must say, to find myself in the literal crossfire of Harrison and Ridley, arguing as to why Deckard should be a replicant and why he should be human,” says Villeneuve. “As a fan, that’s a dinner I will remember for all my life.”[/quote]


Oh man, I wish he could have recorded that. It would have to be a blast to hear those two go at it.


So I just found out Ryan Gosling is in this. I’m not sure what the hivemind’s opinion of him is, but I find him terrible. I’ve never seen a good movie with him in it. He ruined Drive, which could have been good except for his terrible acting. Has he ever been good in anything?

Loved the first one of course, but this feels like a Total Recall remake throwaway movie. Man that move sucked. I can’t remember a single scene in it.

That guy can’t express emotion or nuance to save his life. Why is he still working, did he have a big Rom-Com hit or something?


uh… the opposite?

He made Drive good. He’s got awards and nominations for acting up the wazoo


Maybe I saw a different movie than the critics. Albert Brooks was creepily fantastic. I found Gosling’s acting shallow, wooden and not impressive. If the movie was good it wasn’t his doing, in my opinion, it was the work of the writer and director despite him. Plus, it’s called Drive and had no good driving scenes, just that one short chase with the 300 (this goes against my previous point but it bothered me). The best scenes on the movie were centered on Albert Brooks, in my opinion, but the accolades went to the generic pretty boy. And man was he awful. Again, just in my opinion.

But that scene where Brooks lures the guy in who is afraid of him and kills him? I’ll always remember that scene. I don’t remember any scenes with Gosling.


The elevator scene. It’s even been called out here.


So now I’m going to have to watch it again. I’ll spend the 2 hours but not the money! I’ll wait till it comes to Netflix/Prime.


He was fun in Nice Guys, which of course was a dark, gritty comedy but still fun. I’ll give him more goes after that movie.


Fuck, I keep forgetting that Ryans Gosling and Reynolds are different people…


I just watched the elevator scene on YouTube. Interesting scene, but it was all about the lighting, cinematography and editing, Gosling didn’t act much at all. Impressed with the director, but not with the actor, if that makes sense.